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PY10-02: Longitudinal Studies Extension

QMA-482 - Getting issue details... STATUS
$343,776 is approved (GA Tech $240,751, and Indiana $103,025). Using unspent funds in 2.6.5; Funds committed per Towns 8-June, 2021. GA Tech unspent funds in 2.6.5.
IRIS Study QMA-483 - Getting issue details... STATUS $212,257 is approved for Michigan (new sub). Forecasted costs are in PY11 data in 2.6.5; NCSA unspent funds in 2.6
PY10-01: XSEDE ROI Extension QMA-484 - Getting issue details... STATUS $235K approved for NCSA, Indiana.

Option 1: Continue XSEDE ROI analysis to end of PY11 (The preferred of the first two options)

  • Total Cost: $163,396
  • Indiana Cost (fully loaded): $

     $ 106,012
  • NCSA Cost (fully loaded): $

     $   57,384 


Additional Study 1: Expand ROI analysis to determine the value of tangible products resulting
from XSEDE support.

  • Total Cost: $36,000 (all Indiana)
Additional Study 2: Quantifying importance of XSEDE facilities to other NSF awards
  • Total Cost: $36,000 (all Indiana)
Make PS whole - SURA QMA-485 - Getting issue details... STATUS $10,000, approved up to 25% ($12,500); The rest of PY11 PS needs will come from unspent PY6-10 PS; Funding Source: Unspent 2.6.1 PS funds at NCSA.
Make PS whole - Shodor QMA-486 - Getting issue details... STATUS $80,000, approved up to 25% ($100,000); Mainly to fund EMPOWER program (summer 2022 program not planned); Funding Source: Unspent 2.6.1 PS funds at NCSA.
IHPCSS PS QMA-487 - Getting issue details... STATUS Approved up to $60K for NCSA (Ron to work with Jay for more up to date estimate)
Faculty workshop PS QMA-488 - Getting issue details... STATUS Approved up to $20K for OSC (Ron to follow-up with Kate C)

Action Items:

Due Date


Notes/ Discussion items:

Two topics:

  1. (Ron) PY11 Budget
  2. (Tim) Due to the amount we're forecasting, we may have one opportunity that can use a big chunk of the available funds

Acknowledgement that we have some underspent funds (3.9M or about 2%).

Projected income from XRAS is included in this number. 


PY11 Requests - Ron pulled together a number of requests started out with Open PIF (rows 8-11) and other requests (Rows 11-12). In PY11 we need to make our sub award partners whole, especially in the PS - there are two subs that asked for PS: SURA (10K) and Shodor (80K). Significant amount of underspent funds for PS in NCSA due to unable to hold in-person meetings. In July we'll ask the subs to update their spend plan, this is done every 3 months.

PS questions about XRAC - in person XRAC meeting starting in Sept. 2021 - around 40K-50K. 200K is needed for 4 XRAC meetings (PSC) - using unspent funds from remote XRAC - Ron to work with Ken.

IHPCSS2022 - Target is Europe, June 2022, estimate 40K-50K (NCSA). Ron to work with Jay to get a closer estimate. (approved up to +25% (60K))

TACC PS - around 56K (question), Ron to work with TACC to update possible PS needs.

Campus Champions travel budget for PEARC22/SC (NCSA) - Ron to follow up with Dana and Henry. 

Faculty Workshop PS (15K-20K) Ron to follow up with Kate Cahill. (Approved up to +25% (20K))

SURA - approved up to +25% (15K) as needed, Shodor - approved up to +25% (100K) as needed. 

Staffing & Equipment

XCRI - is 100K a good number? can it be released by June 2022.

CCRS Toolkit - the person has left Cornell. Who's representing from TACC? Ron to find out - and let Rich know. 

ROI Extension - Winona confident with the numbers (163K has to change the approach, 235K allows a more reasonable estimate for the final year of the project) - approved for the 235K.

Tim & Tabitha

At the SMT call last week, John and Tim looked at unspent funds - XSEDE can work with the new SPs coming in the next year, technical integration assistance, new resources coming online, training, documentation of existing processes and training, account management, etc. 

The idea would be to staff up a little bit and provide additional supports for new SPs and also the transitions. Team already provided the support, we just add some staff. Staff who's already doing ECSS work, and provide additional support. Staff that are already familiar with XSEDE and can increase additional effort/time- or hopefully can learn quickly. Is there opportunity to have workshops for new SPs? 

Collect some key questions areas - to get targeted responses from knowledgable staff. For John is a combination of resources coming on board and providers who have not been experienced, and we have the expertise. Make a bit of investments to help out. 

Action Item: Tim & Tabitha to work with people and put more thinking (put numbers around it). 


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