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2021-08-17 CRI Meeting Notes



Discussion items


  • SC21 - Eric planned to do a tutorial but there is some confusion about presenting in person or remotely.
  • eScience - Eric plans to do a tutorial on 9/20/2021.  Each presenter must pay the $225 registration.  Winona okayed that payment.
  • Tabitha is preparing for the upcoming XSEDE Quarterly meeting.
  • Winona and Rich are meeting with EPSCOR working with CARC Friday, 8/13/2021 to find out how we can work together.


  • Eric - Mike Renfrew has a student working on Open HPC.  Multiple improvements were made.
  • Eric still working with Steve on the ansible side of cluster monitoring toolkits.
  • Winona said Pete is still on PTO and return next week at least part-time. JP wants to revitalize the effort to deploy the containers. Testing has been delayed. Have metadata on all containers and will get back to JP. Eric said there is not a lot left to be done.

Site Visits and Engagements

  • Eric - SWOSU resuming their cluster meetings every Thursday.
  • Eric - Langston new donated hardware was delivered.
  • Eric - U South Dakota is slowly moving along.  They have given up on some old hardware.
  • Steve - Meeting with GMU tomorrow, 8/18/2021.  They had no questions last year but will this year.
  • UC Florida using Azure - tell them how great Jetstream is. Resa said they bought Cycle Computing ?
  • Tabitha meeting with ASU and JP, Shava and Liz on extensions to RDR. Claudia has questions about ROI, and changes in contacts.