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Action Items:


Notes/ Discussion items:

  • All review slides due by noon this Friday!

  • Org chart should be included in handout packet.

  • Overview:
    • Slide 5: update images
    • Slide 7: Update 6 year investment by strategic goals. Ron Payne (complete)
    • Slide 8: Mention that adding UMich (though not formally approved yet)
    • slide 10: Provide % change for Phil Blood Ron Payne (complete)
    • Slide 11: Critical species in any ecosystem... Craig Stewartto look for a better term
      • Add Cloud services with HPC consortium
    • Slide 12: Updated slide available for this? John to look for that and decide whether to update
    • Slide 15: 17,500 active users of XUP; over 4500 of these were not associated with an allocation. 4500 needs updated. Dave sent to John
    • Slide 16: BP: # of unique individuals accessed computational allocations in RY5. Lizanne DeStefano needs to update
    • Slide 17: A few updates. Tabitha emailed John a couple of these updates.
    • Slide 18: Data on amount of staff allocated for C19HPC Consortium. Ron Payneto work on gathering updated numbers from staff
    • Slide 22: Still working on pulling final numbers
    • Slide 23: some data needs updated from Lizanne's presentation
    • Slide 24: Gateway numbers need updated. Robert Quick
    • Slide 26, 27, 28, 29: PY11 priorities: Everyone look at bullets for your area and provide John with updates. 
    • Craig Stewartto send updated ROI numbers.
  • Governance
    • Slide 3: Update org chart
    • Slide 8: standardize spelling out university names
      • Lisa Arafune not at CASC anymore. 
    • Slide 11: add SMT slide prior to this
    • ? Add slide after organizational maturity to convey that we've derived value from previous projects. Important to continue to move that experience forward. What is the legacy we leave. 
      • DEI initiatives that have been done have been major contributions to community. Terminology task force, DEI training, etc. Everybody was involved.
      • John to have a late slide to convey legacy of XSEDE and will include some of this. 
    • Slide 16: XSEDE has managed turnover. Strong org model that isn't person-specific
      • Representation of women at L2/L3 levels has increased significantly from start of project. Was done with intention. Would be good to go back and look at growth. Be careful about this. Could lead to question about lack of growth with ethnicity. Check numbers to make sure they're good before including. 
      • Deputies should be counted. 
    • Slide 4: Important to note that we have organized project by strategic goals
    • Adding slide in intro re. DEI activities would be good use of time. Make point that XSEDE was working on these issues before it became a fad.
    • Slide 14: Typically KPIs defined around things you control. In this case we took on something that we don't control. Have still been able to make progress on the KPI by influencing. 
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