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Principal Investigators and staff member institutions are provided here for your information only. These collaborations will largely be conducted remotely; however, the Fellows program does provide travel funding to the site of the XSEDE staff member to kick off and conclude the collaboration.

Although Campus Champions Fellows are not expected to contribute expertise to the projects to which they are matched, they may need a certain skill set in order to tackle higher-level activities during the course of their fellowships. Prerequisite skills, when necessary, are indicated in the table below.

TitlePIInstitutionConsultant 1Consultant 2Consultant 3
A Comprehensive Annotator and Web Viewer for scRNA-seq Data, Y2Guoshuai Cai University of South Carolina Choonhan YounEric Coulter
Building a responsible, comprehensive, and practical relational database for oceanographic and ecological data, Y4Anela ChoyScripps Institution of OceanographyAmit Chourasia

Building a sustainable and accessible future for dark matter analysis, Y1 Amy Loren Roberts University of Colorado, Denver Andrea Zonca

Coding and Publishing Environments for Digital Studies Instruction, Y1 Lars Hinrichs University of Texas at Austin Lonnie Crosby

Combining oral histories with NOAA data to illustrate two decades of change in the Florida Reef TractZachary MasonUniversity of Maryland, College ParkDavid Bock

COMPUTATIONAL STUDIES ON PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES, Y4Yigui WangSouthern Connecticut State UniversityDong Ju ChoiVinit Sharma
Cyberinfrastructure Resource IntegrationRich KnepperXSEDERich Knepper

Decarbonization Studio, Y1Richard ConantColorado State UniversityChristopher Thompson
DeepSNAP: Scalable Machine Learning for Mass Spectrometry based Proteomics, Y1Fahad SaeedFlorida International UniversityEroma AbeysingheSuresh Marru
EDGE Bioinformatics Science Gateway, Y2 Patrick Chain Los Alamos National Laboratory Anand Padmanabhan
Expanding the SimVascular Supercomputing Gateway for Research, Y1Justin Sheldon Tran California State University-Fullerton Eroma AbeysingheRobert Quick 
Fellows Designed ProjectNot ApplicableXSEDENot Applicable

High Resolution Spatial Temporal Analysis of Whole-Head Magnetoencephalography Imaging of a Yogic Breathing Technique That Has Been Successfully Used to Treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (Phase 2), Y3David  Shannahoff-KhalsaUniversity of California, San DiegoJeff SaleMona Wong-BarnumRobert Quick
Laser-based Structural Sensing and Damage Assessment, Y5 Jerome F. Hajjar Northeastern University Victor Eijkhout

LeafSpec, a mobile distributed sensor for agricultural crop health measurement, Y1Jian Jin Purdue University Lan Zhao

Material Data Hub, Y1Surya R KalidindiGeorgia Institute of Technology Sudhakar PamidighantamRobert Quick
MoA Research on Advanced Computers, Y1 Lenore Mullin SUNY at Albany Manu Shantharam
Numerical Modeling of the Hydroclimate of South America: A Focus on Land Cover, Y3Francina Dominguez University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign David BockLonnie Crosby
OpenTopography: A gateway to high resolution topography data and services, Y2 Viswanath Nandigam San Diego Supercomputer CenterChoonhan Youn
Powering the HydroShare Science Gateway, Y2David Gavin Tarboton Utah State University Anand Padmanabhan
Prediction of Broadband Noise Generation in a Turbofan Bypass Duct, Y1 Duane Ramon HixonUniversity of Toledo Robert McLay

Reliable Atomistic and Multiscale Simulations of Materials, Y1 Ellad B Tadmor University of Minnesota Od OdbadrakhSudhakar Pamidighantam 
RNAMake Science Gateway: a public resource for the design and analysis of RNA 3D structure for custom nanomachines, Y1 Joseph Yesselman University of Nebraska-Lincoln Eroma AbeysingheRobert Quick
Roles of Actomyosin Contractility in Cell-Scale Behaviors and  Long-Range Cell-Cell Communication, Y3Taeyoon Kim Purdue University Yang Wang

Scaling beyond the Imry-Ma length in the $3D$ Random Field $XY$ Model, Y1 Ronald Fisch OtherDong Ju Choi

Simulating atmospheric aerosols and aerosol-cloud interactions with the Met Office Unified Model, Y1 Hamish Gordon Carnegie Mellon University David C. O'NealDavid C. O'Neal 
Simulating global climate with turbulence-permitting cloud superparameterization to train machine learning emulators and advance understanding of aerosol-cloud feedbacks, Y2Michael PritchardUniversity of California, IrvineDavid Walling

Simulations of Core-Collapse Supernovae with ELEPHANT, Y1Carla Frohlich North Carolina State University Bruno Abreu

Spatially-explicit agent-based modeling of COVID-19 transmission in elementary schools, Y1Ilya ZaslavskyUniversity of California, San DiegoEroma Abeysinghe
Stellar Mergers and Stellar Tidal Disruptions on a Moving Mesh, Y1Philip Chang University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Junjie Li

Supporting Geospatial Fellows for Advancing COVID-19 Research & Education, Y1 Shaowen Wang University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Anand Padmanabhan
The Distant Reader: A Tool for Reading at Scale, Y1Eric Lease Morgan University of Notre Dame Sergiu Sanielevici
Workforce Development: EducationKate CahillXSEDEKate Cahill

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