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Mark Huang

Texas A&MX
JP NavarroU Chicago/ XSEDEX
Chuck SchwartzPurdueX
Jason St. JohnPurdueX
Francis DangTexas A&MX
Jeffrey FreyUniversity of DelawareX
Trevor  CooperSDSCX
Vikram GazulaUniversity of KentuckyX
Shava SmallenSDSCX
Anita SchwartzUniversity of DelawareX
John HuffmanUniversity of Delaware
Paul WilliamsUniversity of DelawareX
Kevin ColbyPurdue
David CarverTACCX
Tabitha SamuelNICS/XSEDEX
Derek SimmelPSC/XSEDE
Stephen BirdIU/ XSEDEX
Lisa PerezTexas A&MX


  • Announcements
    • PY11 planning in progress
    • XSEDE Advisory Board meeting on 4/16
    • PEARC21 short paper deadline – April 13th
  • XCI Updates:
    • volunteers for Pegasus pilot
    • changes to web SSO
  • Data Transfer group solicits input for BoF discussion topics for PEARC21
  • Open discussion


  • Announcements
    • PY11 planning in progress:
      • Planning in progress for PY11 which is the final year of the XSEDE project, will update the group about where to find the PY11 project plan as soon as it is complete and published.
      • Globus questions reg. 4 vs 5. JP said they could cover the topic next month, maybe invite Lee Liming from Globus team to give an overview on differences.
        • Port conflicts between 4 and 5? Can they be deployed on the same node?
        • Would gridmap file config/deployment change?
        • GSISSH compatibility?
        • As a new SP, which version of Globus should be deployed? Recommendation: GCS 5.4
    • XSEDE Advisory Board meeting on 4/16
    • PEARC21 short paper deadline – April 13th: CFP is at
  • XCI Updates:
    • volunteers for Pegasus pilot – looking for SP volunteers, would need small amount of time to install HTCondor daemons on a node that has access to batch system
    • changes to web SSO
      • One of the underlying services of the XSEDE SSO is changing. Authentication is changing from Globus auth to NCSA hosted auth. Web SSO is used for XDMoD, Jetstream, portal (only the 'other' sign in option).
  • Data Transfer group solicits input for BoF discussion topics for PEARC21
    • Solicit feedback on 20 min on OSG, 20 min on Globus, and 20 minutes on hardware for a BoF
    • Dave Carver: Maybe improving documentation on end user troubleshooting poor performance.
    • Trevor: Users install GCP on login nodes. There maybe a piece of documentation or training in XSEDE land that's misleading users to do this.
    • Maybe have a data workshop for users outside of PEARC in conjunction with input from SPs to craft the agenda
    • JP and Globus team will be presenting a tutorial at PEARC21 about installing XSEDE endpoints using Globus 5. Will send an email to sp-software group with details. It would be extremely beneficial for XSEDE SP administrators to attend.
  • Open discussion
    • University of Kentucky's KyRIC is online as of April 1st.
    • Texas A&M's FASTER is getting physically installed tomorrow.
    • Purdue has begun physical facilities work. Hardware is started to arrive. Image development is underway. AMIE work is also well underway.
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