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    • Mid-year review Operations items status; Mtg scheduled for Jan 11-12 at NSF (Greg and Adam to attend for Ops)
    • Discussion about new Duo pricing and any further updates on this
    • Feedback on upcoming User Survey; Scott to send out the survey document
    • Any info/updates on the XRAS annual validation of users by PI integration into XUP
    • Manager coordination

Discussion items

12minMid-year NSF reviewVictor
  • Review scheduled for January 11-12 at NSF in Virginia. Adam and Greg to attend from Ops.
  • Items to be included:
    • Adam to send out a note with more related items.

      o   Centralized syslog to be online by Jan 11

      o   Critical XES items to have qualys scans and Nagios monitoring

      o   XRAS-XUP changes for annual validation of users by PI

      o   Incident Response Plan update (Victor to do)

      o   XES security standard updated

      o   Rebuilt SSO Hub

      o   Extended MFA for  SSO Hub

      o   Updated XSEDE PEP regarding notification

      o   Security-sysops coordinated meetings biweekly

5 min

Discussion and updated on new Duo pricing

  • Discussion had about this and the latest Duo offer was $56,700 for up to 9,999 users for XSEDE. 
  • PIF info needs to be updated and Adam will check if we can do the 2,499 to 4,999 user count.
2 minFeedback on upcoming User SurveyScott
  • Scott sent out the survey document and Ops to give feedback when they get a chance
2 min

Info/updates on the XRAS annual validation of users by PI integration into XUP

  • Waiting on XUP changes to finish implementation, word was maybe this would be completed prior to SC.  
  • Will check again next meeting on status of  this
1 minManager coordination 
  •  Jim mentioned he can come to the NSF mid-year review if needed. Greg will let him know

Action items