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  • Broadening Participation Conferences (Prior to PY10/PY11)
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2018 Conference Participation

  1.  Feb, 21, 2018 IEEE STCBP Conference on Research on Equity and Sustained Participation in Engineering, Computing, and Technology (RESPECT'18)
    1. Excellent paper presentations
    2. Good networking with other Diversity and Inclusion professionals
  2. Feb, 22 - 15, Emerging Researchers National Conference, Washington, DC
    1. Linda Akli and John Holly staffed the XSEDE exhibit table. About 75 good student contacts made.
    2. Linda served as lead judge for undergraduate computer science research posters
    3. In collaboration with Intel, presented a professional development workshop entitled, "Computational, Visualization and Data Science: Solutions for World Changing Science"
  3. Mar 14, 2018, North Carolina A&T for the NC HBCU IT Administrators Community of Practice Meeting
    1. Organized by the Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), Minority Telecommunications Development Office of Policy Analysis and Development
    2. Participants included Barbara Scotia, NCAT, NCCU, and Shaw
    3. Outcomes
      1. NCCU interest in organizing a faculty and IT administrators workshop for all 11 HBCU campuses
      2. Shaw interested in joining Champions program
  4. April 17, 2018, Prepárate: Educating Latinos for the Future of America, panel, Advanced Computing & Cultural Competency: Latinos in the 21st Century, coordinated by Rosie
    1. Kelly, Linda, Roberto Camacho Barranco (UTEP), and Rosie panel participants
  5. June 7 - 8, Strategic Partnership for Advanced Cyberinfrastructure at Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs), Atlanta, GA
    1. Previously, SPAN Workshop
    2. Coordinated by Clemson, Georgia State, South Carolina State, and University of Georgia
    3. Linda Serving on Program Committee but did not attend due to schedule conflicts.
    4. Dana Brunson attended as a presenter and identified several HBCUs that might be candidates for XSEDE visits or follow up by CEE-BP.
    5. Waiting on workshop report to identify any significant findings or opportunities.
  6. July 23 - 27, PEARC18
    1. Participants on mentoring panel organized by Jennifer
    2. Paper presentation coordinated by Kelly
    3. MSI Breakfast, hosted by Linda
    4. Providing travel support for 8 MSI Champions plus one additional faculty member from UVA that is engaged in broadening participation in STEM initiatives and computationally driven research
  7. Sep 19 - 22, ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing, Orlando, FL
    1. Exhibitor
    2. Linda will attend and will recruit several local faculty to support the exhibit table
  8. Sep 26 - 28, Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, Dallas, TX
    1. This conference continues to be too expensive for us to become an exhibitor
    2. Linda and Rosie, reviewed student travel grant applications
    3. Linda or Rosie will send out email in September to XSEDE All list to see who will be attending and encourage them to connect during the conference.
  9. Oct 11- 13, SACNAS National Conference, San Antonio, TX
    1. Exhibitor
    2. Linda will attend and possibly Marques
    3. Linda will also recruit additional support for the exhibit table from local institutions
  10. Nov 11 - 16, SC18, Dallas, TX
    1. Compute4Change Student Workshop

2017 Conference Participation

  1. Mar 2 - 4, Emerging Researchers National Conference in STEM, Washington, DC
    1. Vetria Byrd of Purdue participated with CEE-BP in staffing the XSEDE table and filled in for Linda Akli (who was double booked at that time with research oral presentations) in the professional development workshop
    2. Marques Bland of TACC participated in staffing the XSEDE table
    3. Linda Akli was a "head" judge for undergraduate computer science oral presentations
    4. Over 60student contacts were made, reconnected with Tuskegee faculty who would like an XSEDE visit
    5. The panel with the author of Hidden Figures, keynote talks were also exceptionally inspiring
  2. May 18 - 19, South Carolina State University, NSF’s regional partnership program Workshop
    1. Dana Brunson and Linda Akli participated on panels.
    2. Several new champions identified at this meeting including Damian Clarke (a former XSEDE14 student participant and now SCSU's CIO), Mauise Ricard (new CIO at Morehouse), Terris Riley (Clinton College)
    3. Linda spoke at length with John Bennett, Lead Instructor of Business and Computer Related Technology at Denmark Technical College and made a referral to Ruby Mendenhall based on project interest.
    4. Linda lunch discussion with Mauise Ricard hopefully puts in motion some re-organization of Champions at Morehouse and stronger engagement.
    5. Three conference participants applied for travel support to PEARC17 and two were awarded to Damian Clarke and Mauise Ricard
    6. There appears to be strong potential to host an workshop which could draw from faculty at SCSU, Claflin, Clinton College, and Denmark Technical College.
  3. Sep 20 - 23, ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing, Atlanta, GA
    1. Obtained contact information for over 60 students
    2. Connected with NCAR to discuss ACSC workshop at SC16 and enlist support for promoting
    3. Conducted standing room only Birds of a Feather session about ACSC and obtained contact information for several faculty interested in discussing curriculum development
    4. Recommend continuing to engage with the program committee, submit sessions, and exhibit in 2018
  4. Oct 4 - 6, Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, Orlando, FL
    1. Brief conversation with Sarah Echohawk, CEO of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society
    2. Promoted ACSC to two Denver institutions exhibiting 
    3. Excellent keynotes, talks, and papers
    4. Exhibit options too expensive. Should submit a panel proposal focused on Advanced Computing for Social Change for 2018.
  5. Oct 19 - 21, SACNAS, The National Diversity in STEM Conference, Salt Lake City, UT
    1. Using lead retrieval, obtained over 100 student contacts
    2. Champions from UC Merced and University of Utah were tremendous assistance to Rosie at the XSEDE exhibit table
    3. Recommend continuing to engage with the program committee, submit sessions, and exhibit in 2018
  6. Nov 12 - 16, SC17, Advanced Computing for Social Change Institute in collaboration with XSEDE Student Programs
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