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Mark Huang

Texas A&M
JP NavarroU Chicago/ XSEDEX
Chuck SchwartzPurdueX
Jason St. JohnPurdueX
Francis DangTexas A&MX
Jeffrey FreyUniversity of DelawareX
Trevor  CooperSDSCX
Vikram GazulaUniversity of KentuckyX
Shava SmallenSDSCX
Anita SchwartzUniversity of DelawareX
John HuffmanUniversity of DelawareX
Paul WilliamsUniversity of DelawareX
Kevin ColbyPurdue
David CarverTACCX
Tabitha SamuelNICS/XSEDEX
Derek SimmelPSC/XSEDEX
Stephen BirdIU/ XSEDEX



  • NSF solicitations to the follow on for XSEDE are out. Two solicitations as a result of this: One to cover different activities in  ACCESS, and another which functions as a coordinating, program office. Links to solicitations are at: and
  • XCI updates:
    • RDR documentation updated about community software areas.
    • Discussion regarding Common User Environment variables for SPs. Is this something that is widely adopted or continues to make sense as a requirement for current and new SPs?
      • Need to check if there are any packages published by RACD  that have dependencies on CUE variables.
    • Clarifications regarding Globus usage for XSEDE SPs that continued from discussion in previous SP software call.
      • XSEDE MyProxy service has a 90day grace period for users after allocations expire, ie users can still get a MyProxy cert 90 days after all their allocations have expired.
      • Automatic shut off for users after 90 days after allocations become inactive.
  • Open discussion
    • Sudoedit patch available for all linux variants. SPs kindly patch your  systems against this vulnerability if you haven't done so already.
    • GCrypt update available for linux systems as well.
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