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Requested Sessions

Please submit any requested agenda items via the XSEDE Quarterly Topic Request form

All requested agenda topics can be seen HERE.


XSEDE Quarterly Meeting Action Items and Decision Recording



    • Wednesday, March 10th and Thursday, March 11th; 9am-4pm CST  


    • Remote via Zoom

Agenda (Final)

Wednesday, March 10th

Zoom coordinates sent by Outlook meeting invitation or available here.


Time (CST)DurationTopic (presentation link)LeadActions/DecisionsAttendees
Plenary A9:00 AM5 minWelcome All
Plenary B9:05-9:30 AM25 minPM&R UpdateAll
Plenary C9:30-10:15 AM45 minsCEE PY11 Planning SummaryLead: Kelly GaitherAll
Break10:15-10:30 AM15 mins

Plenary D10:30-11:00 AM30 mins

ECSS PY11 Planning Summary

Plenary E11:00 - 11:30 AM30 minsXCI PY11 Planning SummaryShava Smallen Tabitha Samuel Richard Knepper

Break11:30-11:45 AM15 mins

Plenary F11:45 AM-12:15 PM30 minsRon PayneAll
Plenary G12:15-12:45 PM30 mins

RAS PY11 Planning Summary

David HartAll
Break12:45-1:00 PM15 mins

Plenary H1:00-1:30 PM30 minsOps PY11 Planning SummaryGregory PetersonAll
Parallel 11:30-2:30 PM60 minsAll XSEDE Education and TrainingSusan Mehringer
Parallel 21:30-2:30 PM60 minsNew XSEDE Capabilities and What’s Missing (slides)XSEDE and SP staff, campus champions
Close2:30 PM 

Thursday, March 11th

Zoom coordinates sent by Outlook meeting invitation or available here.


Time (CST)DurationTopic (presentation link)


Parallel 1

9:00-10:00 AM

60 mins

Spend plan/PY11 budgetRon PayneL2s, L3s, others as interested
Break10:00-10:15 AM15 mins

Parallel 110:15-11:15 AM60 minsTerminology Task Force UpdateSusan Mehringer
Parallel 210:15-11:15 AM60 minsXSEDE SP Coordination: SP Forum membership reviewTabitha Samuel
Parallel 111:15 AM-12:15 PM60 minsDev Coordination Council (XCI slides, RAS Slides)Nathan Tolbert
Break12:15-12:30 PM

Parallel 112:30-1:30 PM60 minsPY11 Evaluation PlanningLizanne DeStefano

Evaluation team, L2s

Parallel 11:30-2:00 PM30 mins2021 Climate Study Instrument Review (Draft Instrument here)Lizanne DeStefanoEvaluation team, L2s
Break2:00-2:15 PM15 mins

Parallel 12:15-2:45 PM30 minsFinal Allocation Policy UpdateDavid Hart

Ken Hackworth , John Towns , others as interested

Parallel 22:15-3:15 PM60 minsApproaching ECSS During the Last Year of XSEDE

All interested staff

Parallel 12:45-3:45 PM60 minsAnother Multi-Unit Allocation ApproachDavid Hart

Ken Hackworth , John Towns , others as interested

Close3:45 PM

Conflicts (Name: Conflict)

Linda Akli not available after 2pm CT/3pm ET on Thursday March 11.

Ruth unavailable on Thursday except for 9-10am. 

Emre Brookes unavailable 10am-noon CST on Wednesday March 10.

Generic Slide Template

XSEDE Google Slides template (make a copy for your presentation)

Google Slides template for L2 PY11 Planning presentations (make a copy for your presentation and remove the unnecessary slides with other L2 KPI info). 

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