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Trevor Cooper, SDSC

Jeaime Powell, TACC

Eric Wiggins, LSU

Stephane Thiel, Stanford

JP Navarro, XSEDE

Victor Hazlewood, XSEDE

Jeremy, IU

Dave Carver, TACC

Lee Liming, Globus

Derek Simmel, PSC



Meeting minutes:

  • XSEDE SW Engineering activities in the works or ready for deployment:
  • XCI-143 “Incremental IPF fixes and enhancements” is close to deployment and delivers an enhanced IPF that
    • publishes to new information servers
    • has an improved ipf_configure_xsede script
    • looks for module-whatis default: <yes|no> and publish it as a GLUE2 extension
    • enables SPs to publish software/service support contact information; this provides some support for those community software areas to publish their community software info and therefore allow to point to the contact information for the community instead of the SP
    • publishes itself into information services, and
    • publishes GPU information when provided by SLURM. 
  • There is also another activity, the “Campus Login through XSEDE Single Sign On (SSO) capability” that has been requested by some unallocated SPs.  Colorado has been working with this and NICS, which is no longer has an NSF funded allocated resources, will be implementing as well.
  • Reminder of Globus Toolkit succession plan
    Note that the Globus team has said they plan to stop development of Globus Toolkit at the end of 2017 and stop providing support and patches by the end of 2018.  However, it was brought up by Lee to read the Details section of the announcement which also says the Globus team will continue to provide support and security patches until they offer replacements to the general public for six months. This may extend the deadline past the end of 2018.   The section under Details says the following:
    On plan step 1 we’ve received assurance from the Globus team that they will continue providing essential security patches for the Globus Toolkit components we use until they’ve offered replacements to the general public for a minimum of six months. In most cases, XSEDE will have had previews and beta versions under evaluation for longer than that. This support might extend beyond the original “end of 2018” period announced, depending on the availability of Globus’ replacements.

Derek mentioned that the Globus Connect Server creates its own host certificate and was wondering if replacing that with a host certificate issued from an XSEDE trusted CA would still work or cause any problems.  JP said they will check and get back to us.  UTK-NICS has a server in this situation and can be used to test procedures for this.

  • SSO Hub Usage metrics info
    Many users use the XSEDE Single Sign On Hub to connect to SP resources in a single sign on way.   Will present the usage information of the SSO Hub and the Duo authentication usage info. See attached.
  • Victor working on a XSEDE Overview Diagram document draft (as a result of LSU’s request) that will be made available for people to review and update to have an overview of how all the pieces of XSEDE fit together.
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