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Stephane, Stanford
Eric Wiggins, LSU
Shava Smallen, XSEDE
Victor Hazlewood,
Jeremey Fischer, Steve Bird, IU
George Turner, IU
Jaimie Powell, TACC
Dave Carver, TACC
Trevor Cooper, SDSC

XSEDE SP Software Call Meeting Minutes
Thursday 2-7pm, Friday 8am-7pm 

  • Victor mentioned he is working on the XSEDE Services diagram that Eric of LSU brought up in the LSU SuperMIC checklist review in Feb.
  • Had a short discussion about the Globus GCS and GSI-OpenSSH replacement.   Globus team is still in development on OpenSSH with Globus Auth authentication and GCS version 5 just came out.  Globus team is expected to keep support for XSEDE services they provide for up to six months after the new substitute versions come out is our understanding.   Will request a Globus update for a future call from the Globus team.
  • XSEDE SW Engineering activities
  • Open Discussion
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