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Stephane, Stanford
Eric Wiggins, LSU
Jeremey Fischer, IU
Dave Carver, TACC
Trevor Cooper, SDSC
Shava Smallen, XSEDE
Victor Hazlewood, XSEDE

  • Announcements
    • Some great papers at PEARC;  The MSI OpenStack cloud presentation/paper; Craig Stewart's Your Health is a Workforce Issue presentation/paper; Many went to PEARC and will have copies of the papers on USB.
  • XSEDE SW Engineering activities
    • Discussion about RDR and IPF: XSEDE has a draft recommendations for all SP Forum members about using RDR and IPF to describe XSEDE federated resources. There is an issue with some sites that they only put the  production start/end dates in an RDR entry for a Resource at the top level.  It should be there but should also be at the lower level "compute", "storage", "grid", and "other" level as well.  The portal team says this lower level is the date that is looked at for the production dates.
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