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Eric Wiggins, LSU
Victor Hazlewood, XSEDE
Derek Simmel, PSC
Feng Chen, LSU
JP Navarro, XSEDE

XSEDE SP Software Call Agenda

  • Announcements
    • Discussed the OU data archive awarded by NSF.  See Link to Henry Neeman’s slides
    • XSEDE Duo at >5000
      Discussion was had and JP mentioned to double check that removing a user allows user to get added back to Duo and that we have the appropriate portal interface(s) for this.  Need to relay this to Gary Rogers.
  • XSEDE SW Engineering activities
    • Under review now: XCI-196 Deliver XSEDE user to OAuth identity mappings - Design/Security Review"
      Discussed Globus global identity mapping to SP users just like the X.509 grid mapfile mapping. Derek and JP discussed some of the review process and the issues associated with this particular design review.  Discussed the details and once it makes it through the design process have the XCI staff present it to a future SP Software call to give feedback and participate. 
    • Discussed ipf 1.4-X progress; No updates

  • Victor working on the XSEDE system overview document that Eric Wiggins of LSU requested.  Pointed people at the google doc page that has this draft diagram and folks gave feedback.
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