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Attendees: Rich K, Resa R, Winona SC, Lucille J, Tabitha S, Rick M, Steve B, Rob Q, Pete V,Eric C


Current Status

  • ASU
  • George Mason

  • UT Dallas
    • Steve will contact and setup a meeting
  • UCO Highlight
    • missing quote forwarded to Winona
  • Langston
    • Highlight in pipeline, quote missing
    • todo OpenOnDemand

Toolkit Updates

  • Container Toolkit updates
    • could not hear what Pete just said; hopefully Rich K's notebook can help, something finished in early Jan?
    • adding a de novo transcriptome pipeline container?
      • Pulling Rick into this one
  • XCBC
    • engage with Sam K  at UCO for OOD addition
      • follow up with OSU folks on lessons learned
  • VC Updates
    • work on ansible from Steven Lee to be tested
    • work w/ Jeremy on better deployment
    • eventual folding-in of terraform


Paper Updates

  • Engage with real containers rather than just benchmarks? RE the de novo transcriptome tool container above

SP Updates

  • Texas A&M, Johns Hopkins, UK integrating at L2
    • JH and UK are participating in the current allocation round
  • Anvil at Purdue is 100% allocated as an L1 provider
  • Open Compute Network(?)
  • Working with Hannah Remmert to get a newsletter out

Transition Plan drafting for post-XSEDE

  • Edits for Rich due Jan 12th
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