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Action Items:

Due Date

Update the actuals for PY10

Before the next discussion on PY11 planning, we need to update the numbers to include actuals on PY10.


Jan 2021

Add L2 and L3 areas by subawards

We will be pulling together L2 and L3 charts for sub awards and send out projections where we cut due to Covid.


 Jan 2021


Notes/ Discussion items:


This is intended for a discussion. Sent email to L2's this morning. We received all the sub awards plans for PY10-11 (except for OSC), and received all the invoices for PY9. 

Linda has a meeting scheduled with OSC PI to discuss the plan. Setting the stage to have discussion on how the project needs to distribute funds in PY10 and PY11. When we asked for the 1-year supplement, we can't have a fully funded project due to the limited funds availability. This is the current state of where we see things right now. Shodor, SURA, Internet2 have been reduced in Participation Support area. It will set the stage for the [project to redistribute funds.When we have balance left over then we prioritize PIF list. 

John's comment: While we're showing 1.4M balance - that's only 1% of the 6-year budget. There's thought on how we may redistribute that.

Lorna: Did you factor in decreased travel? The guidance: PY10 is a hybrid year (1/2 year limited or no travel, 1/2 year some travel), and PY11 normal travel. For Evaluation team, once Covid ends they'll have to do double duty on traveling. 

The good thing is that the spend plan comes directly from sub-awards - they provided a plan to spend in PY10-11. We see an increased plan to spend on travel, and we can make adjustments if needed. To provide information from financial perspective so that: 1. we can look at it form the project perspective and adjust based on priority, 2. each of the L2s can go in the WBS area, and look at it from the L2 perspective and from the L3 perspective we can see balances and trends. 

The charts: Ron covers the sub award ones first. Each one has two Y axes, the left is budget/spend, vs the right is the balance. NCSA is broken up into two: the project level and the sub award level. John's comment: this is very helpful.

on the WBS side - very similar, the left axis for budget/spend, right axes is for balance. for each 6 L2's - drop down further goes to L3's. We include a project income (XRAS) - there's no spent, the balance is about 100K assuming there are no new contract and the current contract will renew. These funds will be spent in the XRAS that support these funds.

Dave: RAS overall and 2.5.3 - Why are there a big deficit? We had a preliminary thing that we walked through with John/Tim and a couple things were pointed out. For each of L2 and L3 we will break down the chart into sub award, what the sub award contributing to the budget and spend for each of these areas. It will help understanding which institution shows significant overspent/underspent.

Example on Oklahoma - the underspent was caused by not able to fill the virtual residency program in PY9.

We will be adding in L2 and L3 areas by sub awards. John added that we don't encourage people to spend money on, but to get an accurate projection - there are other things we can put on, and we want to make sure the money is there. 

Are you going to talk about the process for next steps? SURA submitted PY11 with no travel - will the travel be restored when we don't have funding available to travel from the previous years? Ron said that we all understand the priority. We have to ask are we doing the appropriate things, prioritize them? The sub awards that take a hit is first in line - providing services to the community they intend to do. 

Linda received budget for PY11 with 0 travel and 0 PS, so the plan that was submitted for PY11 doesn't have travel or PS, only covered the human beings to do the work. We do have travel but only limited. John suggested that we need to project the travel. 

Ron mentioned that we actually have the projections of that information. If we looked at PY6-9, the funds are built in to the budget, and they're removed in PY11. When we started the Covid exercise of how much we underspent because of Covid, the first thing we did was to cutting travel. PS and Campus Champion fellows. we can share the projections. 

Campus Champion fellows travel was cut out of budget? Yes, but not the stipends.

Kelly: we need to make sure that we have the stipends for PS at least in PY10. Ron: we did have the conversation, the budget for PY11 did not include travel, but putting in stipends. 

The process will be that for the leaders to take a look at the information and ask their questions before the PY11 planning process starts. In the mean time we will be pulling together L2 and L3 charts for sub awards and send out projections where we cut due to Covid, and ask Linda, Dana, and Bob P to take a look and confirm that these are the numbers that they need to be fully funded for PY11. In January time frame, we can set up as session with SMT to discuss what adjustments are needed to be ready for the PY11 planning process.

Shodor still has a question about their underspent. 

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