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Action Items:

Due Date

Review other metrics QMA-460 - Getting issue details... STATUS

All L3s take a look at your other metrics appendix. Make sure it's current. Make sure target is pushing us. Can document changes in target as footnotes. If there are other metrics that you no longer find useful, inform your L2 PM so they can escalate that to the PgO.





Notes/ Discussion items:

  • Purpose is to get perspective over life of XSEDE project. Focus on XSEDE2.
    • Didn't have system of metrics until about year 3. Worthwhile to see if it makes sense to track back to the latter part of first award. 
    • SP&E did some mapping a few years ago. Pretty piecemeal. 
  • Target set at beginning of project should be updated to set new stretch goal?
    • John has pushed for continual revising targets to push beyond what we might think we can achieve.
    • Could footnote target to say original goal was x, currently set a stretch target of x. 
    • Want to show chart of how we've progressed against metrics as targets were increased. Demonstrating this will show that we are pushing ourselves.
  • CEE has 5 pages of other metrics in addition to the project/L2 KPIs. These are used by L3s to manage their work. Need to find balance. Hard to go through all of the appendix metrics. Already an onerous process. 
  • Looking for quick sanity check. 
    • Any targets that are old that need updated? Not trying to question/review all metrics. 
  • Why have other metrics in back of IPR
    • All L2/3s have metrics they track to maintain quality of their service. If they're there, they are important to them. They are tracked by those areas. Important for NSF to understand how that is done. 
    • John had Rudi go through appendix and remove metrics that NSF found not important. Cut down by half. 
    • L2/3s can choose to remove other metrics (with NSF approval). State that you're not making use of them, so we plan to deprecate. But if we're using the metrics, then we should be collecting the data anyway so it shouldn't be onerous.
  • Each area go back and look at metrics that are included in the appendix and make sure the targets are correct.
  • Differing use of NU vs. SU (RAS). 
    • Will discuss offline


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