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Agenda items:

  • RACD presentation last Thurs
    • Good for RACD familiarity with other activities in XCI
    • RACD categories: requirements, development, testers - CRI
  • Feedback on toolkit process (written up in with some examples)
  • Tapia reflections
    • Well-attended, had some questions at the end
    • Possible PEARC 18 tutorial?
    • Interop with CaRC?
  • I2 Tech Expo planning
    • Slides to come & be circulated
  • Toolkit updates
    • Slurm Headnode on Jetstream - to be tested by Barb
    • Monitoring toolkit - general apathy from cluster adopters - Eric may re-ask for 
  • Fellows update
  • SP - new website doesn't dynamically pull RDR info, but it's up there statically!
    • LCCF document review (what does XCI provide)
    • Beacon is now publishing IPF information


  • Resa
  • Rich
  • Deb Nigra
  • JP Navarro
  • Barb 
  • Victor



  • Eric (at meeting w/ Dell and Slippery Rock)
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