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  • New version of website is up - check CRI pages
  • Thursday presentation for RACD staff about XCRI toolkits
  • Toolkit updates and lightweight approval process
    1. small-scale use case write up

    2. JIRA issue & CDP

    3. military junta rubber-stamp process

    4. RELEASE

    5. (Rich will write this up in a non-silly fashion in our pages so we can refer to it)
  • Upcoming outreach
  • Roundtable updates

  • IPF extension discussion - set up a breakout at next XSEDE (suggested Maytal, JP, Marlon, Victor, Rich, others?)


  • Dan Voss
  • Resa Reynolds
  • Eric Coulter
  • Victor Hazlewood
  • Barbara Hallock


  • Rob Quick
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