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Dave Carver, TACC

Derek Simmel, PSC

Jeremy Fischer, IU

Trevor Cooper, SDSC

Lisa Giaime, LSU

Feng Chen, LSU

Shava Smallen, XSEDE

Victor Hazlewood, XSEDE


Meeting Minutes

  • Announcements
  • Discussion with Trevor and Shava about issues with repo and installation.  Shava mentioned to turn in a ticket with the info
  • Discussion with Lisa about some installation problems and a new person to do XSEDE installs at LSU.  Action for Victor to work with LSU to address the XSEDE software stack issues related to recent installations.
  • SP Coordination
    • XDMoD compliance report info for info in RDR (a couple missing items for PSC Bridges and one item for TACC Stampede2). Victor will email to Derek and Dave the compliance report.
    • Will email this week for progress on checklist action items.  Action item for Victor to dig out old checklist summary and revisit the SP action items.
    • Open Discussion
      • Trevor mentioned Gordon has gone out of production.  Victor to send exit checklist to Trevor and to review separately and see if we need to do any final Gordon exit items.



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