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Lisa Giame, LSU

Feng Chen, LSU

Eric Wiggins, LSU

Dave Carver, TACC

Jamie Powell, TACC

Tabitha Samuel, NICS

Shava Smallen, XCI

Trevor, SDSC

JP Navarro, XCI

Victor Hazlewood, XSEDE


Meeting Minutes

  • Announcements
    • PEARC17 in New Orleans July 9-13
    • Dave Carver announced Stampede-2 going into phase 1 production this week
    • Software/Services/Engineering Activities
      • Most recent software releases and fixes
        • No new items for SPs have been deployed since last SP-software call
        • SDSC found a bug in IPF and the XCI team worked on a fix to address it. Evaluating impact on other SPs.  Slurm jobs that go into a ‘requeue’ state would cause Glue2 to not send the job information up to be visible from the Portal.  The fix addressed that particular state.  There was a discussion about how other Slurm states might cause a similar issue.  It is known that Stampede and XStream run slurm.
  • Coming soon
    • New version of Information Publishing Framework
    • New version of GSI-SSH
  • Recent announcements from the Globus team about support of Globus Toolkit.  JP described what the change is and that they are working on an official statement that will describe the support change and impact to XSEDE.
  • SP Coordination
    • Nearly complete with all SPs being listed in RDR.   There is a SP Resource Dashboard (separate from the Resources page on the XSEDE website/portal)
    • RDR has had a checkbox added for participation in XSEDEnet. I’ll be updating those entries this week.  New RDR updates include: Long/Latit, Sensitive Data checkbox and textbox, XSEDEnet checkbox
    • Open Discussion
      • Trevor at SDSC XD described an issue with the XSEDE resource id tool related to Comet and Comet GPU ,which can be allocated separately in XSEDE, having the same mgmt nodes and login nodes.  This led to a bigger picture discussion about RDR and possibly reviewing the Comet and Comet GPU separate entries in RDR.  Perhaps Comet could have these two separate entries combined with the ability to have multiple compute sub-resources in RDR.  Action: Victor to discuss Rob and Amy and set up a meeting with SDSC, Rob, JP and whoever else is necessary.
      • Trevor asked to have the Skype for Business link added to the appointment
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