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Dave Hart, RAS

Julie Ma, OSN

Rob Light, A3M

Ken Hackworth, APP

Firat Coskun Stony Brook

Nathan Tolbert, A3M

Jeffrey Frey, U Delaware

Jim Culbert, OSN

John Huffman, U Delaware

Paul Williams

Ryan Sablosky, A3M

Shava Smallen, RACD

Mark Huang, Texas A&M

Lisa Perez, Texas A&M

Anita Schwartz, U Delaware

Chuck Schwartz, Purdue

Derek Simmel, Ops Security

Eric Blau, RACD

Jason St. John, Purdue

Kevin Colby, Purdue

Mike Shapiro, A3M

Stephen Bird, XES

Trevor Cooper, SDSC

Vikram Gazula, U Kentucky

Tabitha Samuel, SP Coordinator


  • Most of the meeting was a presentation regarding the new AMIE system and was presented by Nathan Tolbert from A3M. There were several good questions and discussion regarding AMIE.
  • Globus community toolkit packages are now available.
    • Tabitha will put a deployment plan together, goal is for existing SPs to have this in place by the end of the year.
  • RACD in conjunction with other groups at XSEDE is working on guidance for licensing software developed by XSEDE staff.
  • IPF manual registration methods is now available with IPF.

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