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  • Level 1 SP security agreement 
  • Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) update
  • LifeRay upgrade status
  • Mgr coordination

Discussion items

12 MinLevel 1 SP security agreement Victor
  • Discussed the SP security agreement and also mentioned that Security was added as a line item to the SP annual checklist. 
  • Greg brought up that Level 2 allocated SPs should also be expected to agree to the SP security agreement. 
  • Derek suggested to make the document just a SP security agreement instead of “Level 1 SP” security agreement.
  • Action items:
    • Derek to review the updated annual checklist document. 
    • Tabitha and Derek to update the SP Level 1 Security agreement document
    • Once the two action items above are completed, Tabitha to bring to SP Forum that Allocated Level 2 SPs should be expected to understand and agree to the expectations in the SP Security Agreement document and participate in the operational security issues. 
 5 min Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) update Victor
  • Ready for consideration on the SMT call.  On version 3.1.  
  • Brought up at last XSEDE SMT call.   John to review it. 
  • Victor sent the link to the google doc to SMT and asked them to review for next meeting.
2 minLifeRay upgrade statusDerek
  • Effort being led by Maytal and UII
  • Derek to follow up with Maytal
1 minMgr coordinationVictor

Action items