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Canonical Meeting Template (as a reminder):

1. Review of meeting agenda
2. Addressing issues

  • Description/Status of issue
  • Review of action items from previous meetings if any
  • Recommended actions and discussion of same
  • Close issue or identify next action items

3. Status updates from SMT members

  • Status update on significant activities
  • Review of prior open issues if any (and not addressed earlier in agenda)
  • Identification of new issues if any (and not addressed earlier in agenda)


1. Review of Meeting Agenda: Any comments/additions? 


2. XSEDE2 Reporting (Leslie Froeschl




3. Update on Terminology Task Force (Linda Akli


  • Previous discussion archived: SMT Meeting - September 10, 2020
  • Task Force developed a terminology slide that will be added to training presentations. This is very much like the code of conduct slide that we include in all presentations. The Terminology Task Force collectively developed and agreed to the wording in their last call. 


(9/24): Dave recommended minor change to language via email. Linda will share this with the task force.

  • Task force working on list and meeting bi-weekly  


  • Based on overall feedback, task force has the green light to proceed. 

4. Update on Licensing for XSEDE Software (David Hart  ) 



  • Doc includes instructions. Working through steps to implement & put out in Github. 
  • Make sure the date is 2020 (not 2019)
  • Nathan looking into whether to put copyright statement in each file. Apache recommendation was no, so that won't be done. 
  • Emails will be sent out to close this out. 


5. XAB Member Rotation (Ron PayneLeslie Froeschl)


  • 3 existing XAB members rotating off
  • Voting deadline passed


  • Voting results
    • Tie-breaker for 3rd spot. Voting members please visit the ballot Leslie sent out today and vote for 1 of those candidates. 
    • Concern about lack of diversity. 
      • Diversity in fields of science
      • Have to go with nominees that come in. 
  • Next steps
    • John to contact 3 members rotating off.
    • Effective date for departing XAB members?
    • Effective date for new XAB members?
      • October 30 meeting
    • Ramp-up of new members (project intro video, introduction to XAB, etc.)
      • Send recording of previous video
  • XAB Chair (continue, revote?)
    • John thinking about this. 


Around the call up

Follow this basic outline:

  • Status update on significant activities
  • Review of prior open issues if any (and not addressed earlier in agenda)
  • Identification of new issues if any (and not addressed earlier in agenda)
  • Identification of recent improvements implemented

Updates from SMT members:

  • PI (John/Ron) - 
    • Effective next week, Craig Stewart retiring from IU. He will continue to participate with XSEDE in the ROI work. Working out details. He will no longer be in XCI Deputy role any longer.      
  • Tim
    • No update
  • CEE (Kelly) - 
    • No update
  • ECSS (Bob S/Phil/Sergiu) -
    • Getting ball rolling with training. AMD will do training for ECSS staff to support Expanse & Bridges2. Talking to IN about Jetstream & Open Stack training 
  • XCI (Dave L/Craig) -  

    • Johns Hopkins submitted SPF request to join as L2 provider. 
      • Initial contractual concern with language of agreement. Ron asked if he can provide any clarification but hasn't heard back from them. 
    • Tabitha working through a list of additional institutions that are interested in joining. 
  • Ops (Greg/Victor) -   
    • Alex updated AUP based on comments from last meeting. He will be circulating the updated doc. If you have any additional edits, contact Alex. 
  • RAS (Dave H/Ken/Nathan) -  

    • PSC announced early access for Bridges2. XRAS team made some changes to allow that to happen through the XRAC process. 
    • SDSC planning to do the same with Expanse when they're ready
    • Close  conversations with Tabitha re. new SPs coming onboard. Delaware engaging heavily at this point. 
  • Program Office (Ron/Leslie) - 
    • Reminder: Enter Publications in XUP and documents in IDEALS
    • Reminder: Reference collaborations in tracking worksheet:
    • Reminder: Address recommendations (Jira) 
    • Sept. 29: XSEDE All-staff meeting with Bob Chadduck  & Amy Friedlander joining. 
    • October XAB call: Friday, Oct. 30 11am-3pm ET. Agenda to include:
      • Program updates from John
      • Climate study report from Lizanne/SP&E
      • ~30 min update from each L2 area with updates on PY10 updates
  • SP Forum (Ruth) -  No update

  • UAC (Emre) -   No update
  • NSF (Bob C) - No update

Next Meeting:     SMT - October 8, 2020

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