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  • Quarterly Reporting
  • Renewed XSEDE Operations allocation
  • Including allocation on Jetstream for the VMs for SysOps.  How many do we need?
  • Note that adding security to the SP (onboarding) checklist as a separate item especially for the new sites as discussed previously
  • Are we ready to run the new AUP through the SMT for approval?
  • Do we want to have an XSEDE All Hands meeting discussion

Discussion items

2 MinQuarterly ReportingScott
  • Reporting for last quarter is due.   Risk review also needs to be performed.   Security risks done and still to do for XOC (Carman).  Tabitha mentioned an “other metric” for DTS has an anomaly and Scott said just put a comment to explain that.
1 MInRenewed XSEDE Ops allocation Victor
  •  Victor mentioned renewal of Ops allocation to keep everyone informed.
1 MinHow many allocations needed?Victor
  • Gary mentioned he does not use the Ops allocation for his SysOps so do not need any
8 MinAdding security to SP onboarding checklistVictor
  • Alex mentioned the documents at including the security “agreement”. 
  • Need to review this with Greg and maybe “agreement” is too strong? 
  • Point SPs to those documents including the playbook and the agreement.  Need participants in the incident mailing lists (report and discuss) for incident related discussions and the trust group for more general discussions
4 MinTake new AUP to SMT for approval?Victor
  • Changes are minimal.  A couple of sentences related to input from B. Sinkovits. 
  • Greg should review and put on the SMT agenda to review and approve
7 MinMgr Discussion
  • Derek mentioned the speedpage is out of commission due to expired user.  Derek to talk offline with Victor.
  • Derek mentioned the LifeRay software that runs the XSEDE website.  He asked AlexR at TACC about the current version of LifeRay and status.  It is painful to upgrade according to Alex.  There are some portlets that have to be ported to new versions. 
  • Alex to reach out to Maytal again and discuss this issue.
  • Some notes and comments omitted here on the wiki for obvious reasons.
1 MinXSEDE All Hands discussion?VictorNo input.

Action items