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Action Items:

Due Date

Updates to slides needed

  • Date on cover slide says 2019
  • Partnership slide may need updated
  • Org chart needs updated
  • Handouts for reviewers? What should be included? 
  • Add Tim to slide 17/project governance
  • Possibly remove slide 23/benefits of large partnership? 
  • Slide 24 fix layout
  • Slide 25 Collaborations need updated.
  • Slide 27, 28, 29: awaiting updated numbers
    • Might want to more regularly track these things so people don't have to scramble at the last minute to pull info together. 
  • Slide 30: update on level of effort expended: Ron Payne will ask for updated info
  • Kelly Gaither to provide text about XSEDE work on CDC. Kelly will ask Lauren Myers for a statement.
  • Slide 32/additional measures of impact
    • Kelly: ability to respond to pandemic/XSEDE response with boots on the ground immediately
    • Funds for SPICE program. Growth from last year to this year is significant. Have left a lasting impression. We institute and it continues to develop without needing a lot of attention from us. We can replicate and they are self sufficient. 
  • Slide 34: User Survey: need to update numbers. Julie Wernert Tonya Miles  will provide updated numbers.
  • Slide 35: Fiscal impact slide needs to be updated. 
  • 37 to be updated once John sees other area slides.
  • Craig to send 2-3 ROI slides. 




Notes/ Discussion items:


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