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  •  NSF review June 9-10 for past review of performance, review of PY10 plan, and review of the PY11 supplemental proposal 
    • We need folks to be available in case we get questions that we need help answering in the evening or maybe even during
  • Any update on user account issue at PSC
  • Reminder of the groups to review their XSEDE tickets

Discussion items

5 minNSF Panel Review in JuneVictor/Scott

Victor mentioned the review and its purpose.   Scott mentioned the Google doc to the presentation that we will be presenting.  He will send out a link to the google doc for all L3 managers to review prior to review dry run on afternoon of June 8th

10 minPSC update on account incidentDerekEarly last week a PSC user account looks like it might have been used by unauthorized account.   The account issue was addressed.  Also mentioned the European supercomputer center bitcoin mining has been happening and there was some shared info from some Europeans to the XSEDE Trust Group.  There was a stolen ssh key exploit described. No PSC access from that ssh credential but did have a SDSC Comet access, which was addressed.  No crypto account mining was found at PSC.
2 minTicket review reminderVictor

Victor mentioned for all groups to review their ticket buckets and attempt to resolve any stale tickets. 

N/AMgr. coordination

Action items

  • All L3 mgrs to review tickets in their queue