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  • Discuss XSEDE supplement proposal. Google doc here.  
    • See Leslie’s note below with requested target date of April 22nd.  This google doc starts with XSEDE2 text, I think.
  • XSEDE contributions to the COVID-19 HPC Consortium: Operations specifically to discuss
    • See Ron’s note below.
  • Status and discussion of two tickets about right to be forgotten. Tickets 114709 & 132570 (see Alex’s recent note below)
    • Schedule a separate meeting to discuss; Since Illinois is the lead of XSEDE I suggest Alex lead this; this item is not to discuss the details of how to address the task, but to assign and determine a plan forward with our response to these tickets.
  • Any work from home issues with Mgrs or staff?;  
    • Note that any staff with issues should attempt to address with home organization supervisor first
  • Mgr Coordination

Discussion items

5 minXSEDE Supplement proposalGreg

Greg gave guidance to just use the PY10 tasks and review and add text to be consistent with that and Greg, Scott and Victor can massage based on that and any other guidance, budgeting or other changes.

8 minXSEDE COVID-19 Consortium contributionsGregGreg said we should mention that high priority tickets were routed.  The items XSEDE did for COVID-19 hpc consortium was work to make a proposal website and use the XRAS process for proposal reviews.  Carman mentioned some tickets came through that were routed as high priority for that project.  
1 minTickets on "right to be forgotten"VictorTabled because of Alex's absence. Victor will get with Alex on this.
3 minCOVID-19 working issuesVictorSysOps doing ok working from home; DTS the same; XOC has one person on site and rest working from home and rotating that onsite person; No problems with SecOps either
N/AMgr. coordination

Action items