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Action Items:

SummaryDescriptionResponsibleDue Date

Maytal and Laura will work to make sure landing page is for XSEDE2

The XFP currently lands on XSEDE1 Invoices tab. It should be changes to default to one of the XSEDE2 tabs.Maytal 
L2 access not behaving as expected and needs access to more than just their main institutionRon to work w/Nathan to determine issue and get resolution.Ron 
Change from Ralph to SergioProvide Sergiu ECSS L2 access and PSC sub-award PI accessRon 
Everyone is seeing the same peakAll budget vs spend chart shows a spike in March. Need to understand why and the chart looks like it should be a cumulative chart and dips after the march spike. Ron to work w/NathanRon 
Could each person see the role that they have to make sure they are seeing through that lensThis needs to be added to the "Future Enhancements" listRon 
Send a list of who has what accessRon to work with Nathan to get a list of users and their roles as assigned in the XFP. List to be sent to L2s and L3s to verify accuracy.Ron 
Develop guidance for subaward PIs to commit to communicating FTE changes more standardlyDraft a general guideline or policy for the sub-award PIs to agree to. Submit to SMT for approval, and distribute.Ron 
Put xsede-admin email address on who needs help and at the bottom for questionsRon to work w/Nathan to get this doneRon 
Ron to send communication out to L2, L3, Institutional contactsDetails of purpose and "how to use" to sub-award PIs and Business Office contactsRon 
John needs to see all institutions not just NCSAIf this is a Nathan to-do, Ron is owner. If it is a Laura to-do, owner would be LauraNathan 
If an area comes in under budget, could that area use the money another way?Ron to work with John to determine how this situation will be handledRon 




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