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  • XSEDE XES security standard
  • XSEDE website (SysOps and Cybersecurity) review.  
  • SysSops staffing issue (TACC) update and discussion
  • Quarterly report and meeting reminder
  • New NSF panel review
  • Manager coordination

Discussion items

3 min

XSEDE XES security standard


This has been approved by the L2 director and the Cybersecurity leadership.

  • We are going to say this is done.
  • We will give a deadline and everyone should comply. Jim doesn't really believe an MOU is necessary. 
2 minXSEDE website (SysOps and Cybersecurity) review. Victor, Scott

Managers were asked to review the two links below and provide feedback.

5 min

SysSops staffing issue (TACC) update and discussion

Victor, Gary

Victor verified the TACC staffing and FTE effort with Chris Hempel.

  • Victor reminded the managers to keep good meeting notes, especially regarding staffing issues so we can address them if they occur
  • XSEDE paid staff should regularly attend XSEDE WBS meetings and should no be represented by proxy as a normal occurrence
2 min

Quarterly report and meeting reminder

ScottScott reminded everyone that the completed report templates are due on Thursday. He also reminded everyone about the QM at the end of the month and to make travel arrangements if they haven't already.
3 min

New NSF panel review and panel response


Scott informed the managers of NSF's request to have the panel responses from the July review updated.

  • NSF is asking for more detail project-wide and the updated response is due August 18th
  • NSF also wants to have a mid-year review the first of the year (2018)
  • Scott was asked why by one of the managers. That answer is unclear at this point but we hope to have more detail soon.
2 minManager coordinationTim

Tim asked about a DTS risk involving Globus Toolkit support ending in 2018,

  • Given that the support has not yet ended, it was decided to continue to monitor the risk rather than trigger it.
  • Plans are being discussed about the support ending. The current situation is fluid.  

Action items