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  • Reporting for May 31-July 31 timeline
    • Highlights - Doug Jennewein MRI, Tutorial, SDSU implementation
    • Metrics
      • Eric: systems, subscribers, TFLOPS
      • Barb: for satisfaction, let's get the numbers on the PEARC tutorial, need a count on our  # of interactions with users May-July (I'd count 2 at PEARC, others?)
        • GPN
      • Toolkit updates: I have 12 in XNIT rpms, others?
      • New toolkits? monitoring, auth/IDM still a possibility
  • Package updates and additions
    • New packages: hypre & blacs
    • Updates: scalapack-common
  • Site visits in the pipeline
    • Slippery Rock (finally!) week of 9 October
    • Carnegie Institute of Science (Floyd Fayton) - TBD
    • Doug Jennewein appx March
  • Outreach activities - start discussion for Tapia and Tech Ex
    • Tapia - Meeting sometime in first 2 weeks of August, other meeting for week of 21 August (Barb, Eric, Carrie, Avia)
    • Tech Ex 15th-18th - Lessons learned from process of implementation - draw from XSEDE cluster paper, meeting for first full week of September - Barb, Resa/Rich, Dan Voss
    • SC - IU Booth presentation, possibly some chair time in XSEDE booth?
  • Champions Fellow activities - add Dan to meeting invite and get working on tasks
  • Need a leader for the 8/15 meeting - Barb



  • Barb
  • Rob Quick
  • Eric
  • Rich
  • Resa


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