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Attendance: ChrisH, AmyS, DaveH, AdamS, Bob, JP, Ron, Nicole, Dave, GregP


  • RAS timeline review - Amy
    • Amy's notes
    • Decided not to go through XRAS
    • PIs notified at time renewal has been approved, those not re-approved will be deactivated
    • will take about 2 months
    • will require UII
    • notification text will be edited by XRAS
    • notifications 70 - 90% utilization date and before expiration date
    • will need to be a policy change announcement that needs to go out, UE, portal announcement, etc.
    • will take 12 - 15 months to get to all projects
    • Adam, what are we doing to clean up now, like the offending project
      • Ron: Adam's question has come up in discussions with NSF
      • DaveH: could do a one time "forced" deactivation on Education, would be brute force
      • JP: only those that are renewals and would extend over a year
      • Adam: PIs are lax and delegate to those who don't really care
      • Chris, Ken, Amy, MikeP: UE will send out targeted email to Education and Startups
  • Use case review - JP
    • Lee Liming examined all use cases
    • Suggestion is to not generate a use case for just this
    • SPs may not be honoring the account deactivation packets
    • No new use cases will be defined; no need for XCI unless testing is required

Action items:

  • Needs Maytal's input to Amy's plan - ChrisH will arrange meeting
  • Targeted email to Education and Startup projects to begin "cleaning up" accounts as soon as possible - ChrisH, including Amy, Ken, and MikeP



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