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Attendance: ChrisH, GregP, JP, AmyS, AdamS, JimM, DaveH, KenH, Maytal, RonP

Proposed Agenda:

“Rudi understands that XSEDE will be implementing a new policy to reviewing/removing/deactivating user accounts at the end of an academic semester/year.”


  • Review of incident. Adam
    • account used to access stampede from SOS, comprimised Stampede, educational allocation, Irene doesn't like depending on the PI to manage accounts, 
  • Current policy regarding account inactivation? Ken and Amy
    • What constitutes “project inactivation”?
    • None in place
    • Is NSF aware of disparity of the way SPs handle deactivating accounts
    • Which users are on allocations associated with an allocation distributed to all other SPs
  • Suggested policy (from thread and SMT notes)
    • Apply to Research, Startup (Campus Champion), and Educational
    • Need to clean house - first year
    • Automatic removal of accounts upon allocation expiration
    • Do in two parts, customized end dates, stop the automatic carry forward (would have to implement the inactivation at expiration)
    • PI, co-PI, or allocation manager will need to re-add accounts upon allocation renewal
    • Policy
      • Users removed at expiration
      • PIs will need to re-add users
      • Have education projects with custom end-dates (could be used elsewhere)
    • May need to revisit if multi-year allocations become a reality
  • Development effort?
    • RAS
      • Amy will discuss with her team to figure out how much effort will be required
      • Will get back to us
    • UII
      • Portal may not play a large role, PIs currently show active, inactive user, and ability 
    • Allocations
      • Will be based on what Amy's timeline
      • Is there a way to prevet the users - text in submission window announcement, on XRAS page
    • User Engagement
    • XCI - JP will begin work on use case
    • Security - JP suggesting XSEDE notify SPs what it recommends they do regarding inactivation packets
  • JP to draft use case; will have me, Ken, Amy, and Dave review
  • Next Meeting - Two weeks, same day, same time, discuss use case and Amy's timeline


  • Policy (for all project types)
    • Users removed at expiration
    • PIs will need to re-add users at renewal
    • Implement custom end-dates for Education allocations
  • Action items
    • Amy to discuss RAS development effort with her team
    • JP to draft use case: Amy, Dave, Ken, and Chris to review
  • Next meeting - Tuesday, 5/23, 1-2 pm (CDT)
    • Agenda
      • Review Amy's timeline
      • Review use case
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