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  • Interim Project Report status [Scott]  Everyone has there’s in except DTS.
  • Quick update on minor but significantly interesting changes to RDR and entries.   See the new SP Resource Dashboard
  • Quick update on XES-index changes. Tabitha adding “Scanned by Qualys” and “Monitor with Nagios” checkboxes
  • Quarterly meeting coming up. Mark calendars

  • Greg to chat about upcoming NSF Panel

  • Quick status of Operations PIF (converted to Ops/RAS PIF for XDCDB in the cloud) request

  • IU PCR – IU has turned in a PCR to decommission Quarry for Science Gateway and XES use. Note effective dates

  • Ticket data and other data has been requested by Univ of Georgia researcher (Nick).  Discussion of privacy policy and sanitizing data

  • Accounts and Accounting system

    • o   Discuss XSEDE project allocation renewals and user account renewals

    • o   Discuss XSEDE activity working on the XSEDE user account deactivate and who to notify

  • Manager Discussions


Discussion items

1 minPY7 Plan/Annual ReportScott
2 minRDR changes/entriesVictor 
2 minXES-index changesVictor 
1 minUpcoming QMVictor 
2 minUpcoming NSF reviewGreg 
2 minOperations PIF updateVictor 
2 minIU PCR for Quarry retirementScott 
2 minXSEDE data request from 3rd partiesGreg 
2 minAccounts and Accounting systemVictor 
1 minMgr discussions  

Action items

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