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  • Quarterly Meeting notes
    • PIF advances
    • Video for highlights
    • Victor: Rudi has called for more papers, possibility of collection of pieces
    • CEE and ECSS engagement for more capabilities
  • XSEDE Repo woes
  • Engaging with CEE & Broadening Participation
    • Rich will revisit with Chris Hempel - talk about what we can do to bring in toolkits & capabilities
    • Victor and Rich will show up at the next CEE meeting at 4pm EST on 5 April
      • Possible topic of interest: XSEDE SSO Hub
    • Linda Akli is developing a Training webinar that might incorporate CRI activities
    • Jetstream activities: GPN meeting coming up, possible to incorporate some traveling training w/ Jeremy - co-taught class
  • Conference and outreach plans
    • Poster at CCGRID
    • Tutorial at PEARC
    • I2 TechEx - submission due April 28th - could overlap with Jeremy
  • Toolkits - 
    • Data Science toolkit - Barb will discuss with Tassie and represent
    • OpenXDMoD toolkit - let campuses show their usage and metrics - Barb will develop
  • Progress getting SP's to enter RDR information
    • combining RDR info with geolocation info for SP - all level 1's, all but 1 of the level 2's, level 3's are at about 50%
    • Getting RDR information out to the Big Data Hubs  based on map coordinates - to see who's close by
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