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  • L2 Presentation on OPs PY7 Plan at QM

  • Changes to metric targets (DTS and XOC)

  • PCR for Cybersecurity and SysOps changes
  • Manager coordination

Discussion items

10 minOps L2 Presentation at upcoming QMScott

Discussed content of L2 Presentation

    • Informed mgrs that Greg may contact them for info and/or clarification
10 mimOps metrics changes (DTS and XOC)Scott

Discussed the need to examine target changes to DTS's metric and XOC's MTTR metric

    • Mentioned John's view on targets (i.e., not meeting them vs meeting them and greatly exceeding them)
    • Greg discussed his phone conversation with John about the line between getting chastised for not meeting new, aggressive targets vs setting conservative targets that get met
    • Will have more discussion with Mike P. about the XOC metric at QM
    • Tabitha will discuss the DTS metric with Tim and we (ops mgmt) will follow-up with Tim at QM
8 min

PCR for Cybersecurity and SysOps changes


With the recommended move of kerberos administration from SysOps to Cybersecurity, we discussed that change (i.e., how much FTE, personnel change)

    • May also move away from existing mail service to cloud-based service (involving FTE effort at NCSA, same as kerberos mgmt)
    • Agreed that kerberos move could wait until we resolve the mail service issue
    • Agreed that a single PCR should cover both since the same two WBSs are involved and both involve NCSA personnel
2 minManager coordinationGreg and Gary

Discussed the future handling of student/education accounts in XSEDE

    • Need recommendations for education allocations
    • Need to know time to implement changes
    • Will discuss more at upcoming QM (talk with Dave H. and Amy). Will also need input from User Services and Allocations.

Action items