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Principal Investigators and staff member institutions are provided here for your information only. These collaborations will largely be conducted remotely; however, the Fellows program does provide travel funding to the site of the XSEDE staff member to kick off and conclude the collaboration.

Although Campus Champions Fellows are not expected to contribute expertise to the projects to which they are matched, they may need a certain skill set in order to tackle higher-level activities during the course of their fellowships. Prerequisite skills, when necessary, are indicated in the table below.

TitlePIInstitutionConsultant 1Consultant 2Consultant 3
A Comprehensive Annotator and Web Viewer for scRNA-seq Data, Y1Guoshuai CaiUniversity of South CarolinaChoonhan YounJohn Eric Coulter 
A Performant Matrix of Pearson's Correlation Coefficient (MPCC) Calculations with Support for Missing Data on Emerging HPC Architectures, Y1Jacobus Cornelis PrinsUniversity of Tennessee Health Science CenterChad Eric BurdyshawRobert Glenn Brook 
Automated classification of In Situ Ichthyoplankton Imaging System (ISIIS) images using Convolutional Neural Nets on parallel computing infrastructure, Y2Robert Keith CowenOregon State University   
BayeSNova: The First Bayesian-Powered Search Pipeline applied to Gravitational Wave Searches for Core-Collapse SupernovaeEdo BergerHarvard-Smithsonian Center for AstrophysicsChad Eric BurdyshawRobert Glenn Brook 
Building a responsible, comprehensive, and practical relational database for oceanographic and ecological data, Y3Anela ChoyScripps Institution of OceanographyAmit Chourasia  
Cyberinfrastructure Resource IntegrationRich KnepperXSEDERich Knepper  
DISSCO, a Digital Instrument for Sound Synthesis and Composition, Y4Sever TipeiUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignPaul Rodriguez  
Diversity of functional genes in deeply branching uncultured microbes, Y1Andrew Decker SteenThe University of Tennessee, KnoxvilleChad Eric BurdyshawRobert Glenn Brook 
Estimating Dynamic Models of the FirmToni WhitedUniversity of MichiganPaul RodriguezRobert Sinkovits 
Exploring the full simulation modeling workflow on XSEDE, Y3Richard P. Signell US Geological SurveyChristopher Thompson  
Fellows Designed ProjectNAXSEDENot Applicable  
Ferromagnetic Resonance dynamics at high microwave powers in low spin-damping Ferrimagnets, Y1Tao QuUniversity of Minnesota   
High-Accuracy Transition Metal Organometallic Database of Thermodynamic PropertiesTheresa WindusIowa State UniversityHang Liu  
Image analysis for digital surrogates of historical motion picture film, Y1Greg WilsbacherUniversity of South CarolinaAlan B Craig  
Improving dark-matter detection through calibrations and automated data quality efforts, Y1 Amy Loren Roberts University of Colorado, DenverAndrea Zonca  
Laser-based Structural Sensing and Damage Assessment, Y4 Jerome F. Hajjar Northeastern University Dong Ju Choi  
Macromolecular Assemblies Visualization, Modelling and Analysis with UCSF Chimera, Y1Victor Padilla-Sanchez Catholic University of AmericaRozita Laghaei  
Measuring distances of related data content across multi-domain data, specifically face images and semi-structured text, Y1Jason Monroe Kinser George Mason UniversityDarren Adams John Urbanic 
Multiscale Climate and Earth System Modeling, Y7Yang ZhangNorth Carolina State UniversityBrian Joseph Vanderwende  
Nucleation and growth of aerosols with the UK Unified Model, Y1 Hamish Gordon Carnegie Mellon UniversityDavid C. O'Neal  
Numerical study of supersonic turbulent boundary layer drag control and vortex reconnection cascade at high Reynolds numbers, Y1Fazle Hussain Texas Tech UniversityManu Shantharam  
Occam Bridges Pilot, Y1David William WilkinsonUniversity of PittsburghRoberto Gomez  
Print and Probability: A Statistical Approach to Clandestine PublicationChristopher Norton WarrenCarnegie Mellon UniversityMaggie YilmazRoberto GomezSandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan
Robust Stormwater Management for the Pittsburgh Region, Y2Kyle Siler-EvansRand CorporationOd Khorgolkhuu Odbadrakh 
Simulating the Physics and Chemistry of Swirling Flames - from Fire Whirls to the Blue WhirlElaine OranTexas A&M UniversityGregory FossDavid C. O'Neal 
Startup Allocation Request for Quantum-Mechanical Investigation of Structure-Property Relationships in Organic Emitters for Efficient Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence (TADF), Y1 Seyhan Salman KececigilClark Atlanta UniversityVinit Sharma  
Statistical and computational approaches for identifying cell types and classifier genes from massive single-cell RNA-sequencing datasets, Y1John NgaiUniversity of California, Berkeley   
The Microbial Genomes Atlas Science Gateway -- MiGA @ XSEDE: A Searchable Database of Prokaryotic Genomes for Taxonomic Identification and Diversity CataloguingLuis Rodriguez RojasGeorgia Institute of TechnologyEroma AbeysingheSuresh Marru 
Tractography tool for processing ultra-high-resolution diffusion MRI data of terabytes size, Y1Fang-Cheng YehUniversity of PittsburghRobert Glenn BrookYang Wang 
Validation and uncertainty quantification of virtual simulations of ultrafast magnetic resonance imaging, Y1Ernesto A B F LimaUniversity of Texas at AustinDarren Adams  
Workforce Development: EducationKate CahillXSEDEKate Cahill  
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