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  • Toolkits
    • New pull requests from Mike Renfro - may be better in separate branch, or other options
    • Some globus connect support installs, maybe an update to the globus toolkit
  • Campus Contacts
    • Waiting for a response from Erik Hege at UIUC
    • Due for a check back with Ryan Johnson at USD
  • Papers 'n' Outreach
    • Adapt our PEARC paper efforts to a journal article
    • ADMI → PEARC paper.  Rick will cut down to 4 pages and Resa will review.
    • HPEC will follow up later, possibly look at another venue
    • Google form still waiting for responses
  • SP Forum updates (Victor at XAB meeting this AM)
  • XSEDE Advisory Board meeting
  • Quarterly Report coming up - metrics should be easy this quarter
  • COVID-related time spent
    • Folding@home at Bentley


  • Resa
  • Eric
  • Rick
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