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  • UCO discussion, site visits
    • May for next call with UCO group, potential site visit in July-ish time frame (37 nodes)
    • Request for Virtual Cluster on Chameleon or Cloud Lab
  • Toolkits
    • Could we deploy OpenStack on one of the above for our own toolkit development purposes?
    • OpenHPC on on Red Cloud at Cornell is working well
    • Pete is getting back to Nix containers on XSEDE environment
  • Upcoming papers and conferences (virtual or otherwise)
    • PEARC paper reviews expected around the 17th
  • SP Forum Coordination
    • Good process with all 4 new SP sites, took some time to get attention from all
    • This summer, annual checklist coming up
    • Intros for new SP's on the way, timelines are moving towards fall
  • NCGAS/CRI/Research Software Portal interactions
    • Announcements going out widely (champions+CASC+Science Node)
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