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Agenda items:

  • XSEDE Quarterly largely noncontroversial
  • Site-visits and engagements
    • "telemaintenance" options?
      • Zoom, tmux,
    • University of Central Oklahoma
    • Scientific Computing Unit at Weill interested in Ansible contacts
  • Outreach opportunities
    • ADMI - postponed, no update
    • SCF-EU - virtualized, next week
    • PEARC will happen, either in person or not (fair chance of virtualized)
    • IEEE-HPEC - late September, we'll see about updates
  • Toolkit updates
    • Containers - Circumventing barriers on shared systems like Stampede2 (need access to a filesystem/overlay)
      • Mostly worked out a
    • Virtual Cluster on Red Cloud, some improvements to adding users/changing node definitions
      • manage all your software in singularity containers
      • Networking differences have impacts
    • Community Software Repo
      • could be more relevant to campus groups
      • Pegasus & NCGAS would like to get their software distributed to the community
      • Would be good to align CSR offerings with NCGAS offerings


  • Tom Doak
  • Resa Reynolds
  • Rick McMullen
  • Steve Bird
  • Eric Coulter
  • Craig Stewart
  • Peter Vaillancourt
  • No labels