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  • 202009- L1/L2 PY9 & PY10 Financial Topics PIF Prioritization (Closed session)
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Action Items:

Due Date

Busops to gather subaward carryover info QMA-419 - Getting issue details... STATUS

BusOps to facilitate getting info about what subs have available.




Notes/ Discussion items:


  • ROI was already approved but funds for PY10 have to be allocated.
  • Funds available in some areas we could choose to use to funds things to COmanage & online textbooks
  • 3 years of carryover funds. Pool of carryover funds is growing significant for some subs. 
  • Participant support funds have to be spent on Part. Support. 
    • XRAC meetings, student funding, etc.
  • May need to fund a fifth XRAC meeting for Aug 29/30, 2021. 
  • Py6-8 report has a tab for PY8 carryover. Looking good with exception of one sub. Seems that we're more stable in our spending at this point in the project. 
  • Assume that we need to manage our funds to zero. Any extension is a separate issue.
  • Kelly questions CEE participant support
    • These are the numbers as they come in from the subawards. 
    • 2.1.1 $54K–Rosie's money. Thought we spent all of that. (student programs). Could be obligated but not spent yet.
    • CEE plans to use all of the PS funds they have budgeted.
    • $52616 reported by TACC in 2.1.1 should probably be in 2.1.2–Kelly needs to check this
    • Tabitha interested in Champion coordination role. This is Dana's call to determine how that role will be filled. 
  • NICS has $189K carryover. Has staff they could fund. Have had a hard time replacing Charcalla (security staff). Have added more time to existing staff. Victor sent carryover plan to Ron. 1.36 increase to the project for the rest of the fiscal year (7 mos). Additional ~$158k would be spent on this plan. Would still have about $30K leftover.
    • Security is needed–had incident when Charcalla left, and he was supposed to have done an audit that would have found the problems. 
    • Is there a backlog of work in all these areas? Need-based.
  • Carryover allowed so subs can manage staffing issues locally. 
  • Not increasing budget because we want you to spend down what is already there. No PCR–not changing plan or institutional budget. 
  • If you don't have a use for the funds in an area, could put those funds into PIF.
  • SP Coordination request–NICS can use unspent funds on this travel. 
  • PCR required if moving to another area of the project.
  • NCSA–John has identified some things to fund with NCSA funds. Higher level of effort in A3M, IHPCSS
  • Approx $150K may be available to the project
  • $926K carryover–plan should come from subawards.
  • Each L2 might have part of their work in the subs and could go to those subs to request using some of those funds. 
  • Each institution create a plan. No approval needed for their plan. Subs have discretion on this. Intent is that funds are spent within the original WBS area. If they decide to move it around a PCR is needed.
  • Need to figure out how to increase spend to ensure we use up all award funds.
  • PIFs
    • ROI number: said we would revisit before committing to PY10. 
    • If subs have sufficient funding in WBS area, they could put funds here. 
  • If there is a slicing of the data that you want to see, let Ron know. 


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