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Eric and Resa "running" meeting in Rich's absence


Current Submission Deadlines  

  PEARC20 BoF due May 1 (Rich and Resa)

  PEARC20 Panel due May 1 (Rick)

  IEEE - HPEC March 22nd

  SC - Mid April? Papers: March 31st, Panels are April 20th, Tutorials close April 16th

Other Outreach?

  Clarkson - no updates

  Binghamton - no updates

Site visits/Engagements

  Univ South Dakota meeting in May ??

   OS Build at UCinci - stebird

Toolkits/Container updates

Peter  - Singularity script (definition file) to convert Docker to Singularity, looking at TACC and Stampede2 and their "packaged" containers

Eric - V C updates to enable less painful updates, easy modification of partitions/node size/slurm.conf; some bugfixes

Victor - 4 new SPs coming on board, some slow progress - John Hopkins, Open Storage Network, Delaware, StonyBrook

Lucille - PY10 planning and Quarterly prep

Quarterly - Rich is planning to attend

Other -  Interpretive Polish Dance showing Containers in XSEDE and the Cloud Advancements at SC20 (Rich)


Resa, Steve, Rick, Lucille, Eric, Peter, Victor

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