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Mission Statement

To leverage the aggregate national cyberinfrastructure in XSEDE SP's, campuses, and regional partnerships in order to maximize support for research initiatives.

Goals, Metrics & KPIs


Total number of systems using one or more CRI toolkits150Advance
Area metricsTarget
Total number of systems that use one or more CRI provided toolkits700 by the end of RY2
User satisfaction with CRI services4 out of 5
Number of repository subscribers to CRI cluster and laptop tools150/yr
Aggregate number of TeraFLOPS of cluster systems using CRI toolkits

Additional 200/ year

1000/length of project

Number of partnership interactions between CRI and SP's, national CI organizations, and campus CI providers12/year
Toolkit updates4/yr
New toolkits released2/yr

Metrics Tracking Page

LOCs supporting winning awards

Team Members

Rich KnepperCornell UniversityL3 Manager

Steve BirdIndiana UniversityCampus Engineering &

Eric CoulterIndiana UniversityCampus Engineering & Outreach & Toolkit Development

Resa AlvordCornell UniversityToolkit packaging

Victor HazlewoodUniversity of TennesseeSP
Rick McMullinIndiana UniversityOutreach, Campus


Communication & Meetings

CRI meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 11am EST.  

Meeting Coordinates

XCRI Biweekly Meeting Agendas


SP Software Monthly Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Monthly Service Provider software calls are on the first Monday of the month at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central/1pm Pacific unless it falls on a holiday or during the week of PEARC.  If a conflict the meeting is usually moved to the following Monday. 

Meeting Coordinates 

New Staff Orientation



XCRI Toolkit Tracking

XCRI Process for new software toolkits

XCRI Capability Deployment Plans

XCRI Site Visits and Outreach Appearances

XCRI Letters of Support for Campus CI activities

Language for XCRI Collaborations (letters of collab signed by PI Towns)

XCRI New Use Case Drafts

XCRI Software Requests

SP Coordination 

Victor Hazlewood at University of Tennessee is XSEDE SP Coordinator (and Deputy Director of Operations)


  • Attend SP-Forum meetings to convey information and coordinate
  • Attend LEvel3-SP meetings to convey information and coordinate
  • Lead SP-Software meetings for communication and coordination with SPs regarding XSEDE software stack
  • Communicate and coordinate deployment of XSEDE software stack to SPs including preparing deployment plans, maintaining XSEDE production software repository and coordination of this software with SPs and XSEDE RACD staff
  • Maintain an XSEDE Federation membership list
  • Get SPs to enter information in XSEDE RDR and XSEDE information services
  • Perform onboarding and offboarding of SPs as part of XSEDE Federation at all Service Provider levels 1-3
  • Perform annual checklists of SPs
  • Provide a conduit to XSEDE for SPs to convey requirements and needs in Cyberinfrastructure


The SP checklist review information is available at the SP Integration Status page on the Research Software Portal provided by XSEDE.

For XSEDE2 Program Year 4 there are six new Service Provider resources that will be allocated.  The current list is in the below table:

Service Provider ResourceOrganizationLinkPrincipal InvestigatorNSF AwardExpected Target Production Date


Informal polling of items in discussion by XSEDE


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