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Action Items:

Due Date

Expand on analysis provided to each L2 in response to staff climate study

Can eval team tell us which variations are worth mentioning and which aren't
  • Don't provide item level but do provide the significance of entire index. Feel it is important for managers to engage in conversations with your group & decide what is important to you. 
  • Eval team can help as needed. Can also often do additional analysis to better understand
  • Would like eval team to tell us which items are most important to response to




Notes/ Discussion items:


  • Pleased with results overall
  • Pleased with 65% response rate 
  • Higher in all dimensions except wiki/website
  • Decision making–3.42. Comment about lack of communication about staff evaluation. Kelly will make sure if anyone wants feedback from her that they know they can get it from her.
  • Support & Belonging–over commitment issue
  • Efforts to consider:
    • More effort to be more transparent how decisions are made all the way to the top.  
      • Financial decisions made recently: Kelly opened a conversation during mgmt decisions about why these decisions were made. Live conversations during meetings have been more effective than pointing people to something to read. Also bring decisions made during SMT meetings back to team calls. 
      • Work to make sure the entire group is represented in decisions about KPIs, recommendations, etc. 
      • People feel better when they're more engaged in the process. 
    • Open conversations about effort & over commitment. Will try to push this issue to be sure people aren't over committed. 
    • Having Linda as deputy will help as Kelly & Linda compliment one another well. 


  • No significant changes 2017-2019
  • ECSS rated communication tools & wiki/website lower than non-ECSS staff
  • Areas to address:
    • Decision making
      • understanding how decisions are made within org
    • Wiki/website: 
      • finding info across project/disseminating & sharing info across project
      • ECSS uses Jira & wiki for reporting, which impacts the rating. 
    • Supporting & belonging
      • Availability of training resources 
        • ECSS needs different kinds of training that what XSEDE provides
      • Feeling overcommitted
        • Fundamental issue with virtual project, tension between local site responsibilities & XSEDE responsibilities
    • Value & satisfaction
      • understanding how to be evaluated
    • Improve Communication:
      • ECSS focus group
      • Quarterly ECSS-all meetings
      • Regular updates and gathering feedback within L3 groups–need to make sure this is happening in all L3 meetings
      • Implementation of optional forum/email list for staff discussions
      • Desire for tool like Slack
        • XSEDE has Slack channel. 
        • Prefer to avoid adding new tools. If what we have isn't working, need to understand why. 
        • Need to circle back with the teams to make sure they are aware of what already exists. 
    • Simplify reporting 
      • Developed plan to streamline reporting, interactions, how people get information for reporting. Will be rolling out right after this QM
      • Single dashboard view of all reports needed with link to report page
      • Simplified templates for creating reports
    • Staff training
      • Waiting on funding to pay for training. Training is in place once funds are available. 
    • Persistent challenges
      • Evaluation: communicate more broadly opportunity to request feedback on local performance reviews. 
        • 1/3 of people want this
        • 1/3 say nice but not necessary
        • 1/3 say not necessary
        • Not universal, but about 1/3 of people find it very important. L2/3s need to find out in their group who those people are and make sure they know they can request it. 
        • Could send out a staff-wide communication that people can request this. 
        • L3s should remind staff that they can request this. Periodic broader communication strategically timed in late spring/summer/early fall to all staff. 
        • Include in onboarding. 
        • Can help with overcommitment to ensure local supervisors understand extent of work XSEDE staff does for XSEDE. 
        • If employee completes form evaluating their work for the year, that is a time for them to explain extent of XSEDE work and request XSEDE mgr feedback. 
      • Overcommitment: Can stem from a disconnect between XSEDE work & local site work. 
        • Do we have a question that asks about overcommitment in general (how does XSEDE overcommitment align with general overcommitment in their work)
        • If someone is overcommitted they might prioritize local work over XSEDE because they get more recognition. 
        • Have seen more tech staff comment that they're pulled in to put out fires with non-XSEDE work so feel overcommitted to get XSEDE work done. Need to recognize this. 


  • Increase in all areas except website/wiki
  • Highest improvement in inclusion, leadership/mgmt, value & satisfaction
  • Equity: increased. Will continue to work on this
  • Decision making: Look for ways to improve transparency & communication
    • Note that item on having input into decision making that impacts my work was markedly higher
  • Wiki & web: PM&R to lead exploratory activities project-wide to understand main issues and take action to address
    • ER likely having issue with usability of wiki within PgO. PM team working to address this. 
      • need to make sure connecting with others around project on this issue as well. 
    • People mixing wiki & website index with views on reporting. Might want to consider renaming/rewording to avoid this. 
  • Training & HR recommendation
    • Staff evaluation: make sure people are aware they can request this info
    • Training on PM tools/processes:
      • L2 PMs to work with their teams to be sure they understand processes/tool usage
    • Management training:
      • Need project wide communication that we know this request is out there and whether we're doing anything on this or not. 
  • Unity recommendation 
    • PM&R team comes together 2x/yr during QMs (plus calls)
    • ER team has calls and has met in person when needed with positive results
    • Holly has started attending the QMs & PEARC
    • Catch up with a Colleague concept will be discussed with PM&R and ER teams to understand whether there is interest. 


  • Gains except slight drop in wiki/website
    • Rely heavily on these and make improvements as needed
    • 3.9 down from 4.04 is a tiny variation. 
      • Wouldn't spend a lot of time worrying about this. 
    • Can eval team tell us which variations are worth mentioning and which aren't
      • Don't provide item level but do provide the significance of entire index. 
      • Important for mgrs to engage in conversations with your group & decide what is important to you. 
      • Eval team can help as needed. Can also often do additional analysis to better understand
      • Would be nice to have eval team tell us "Out of all changes we've seen, these are what we feel are most important to respond to..."
  • Decision making that relates to my work & time & effort for reporting: some changes in KPIs made by mgmt w/o input from staff & these changes require some adjustment for quarterly reports.  
  • Training/PD & overcommitment: made a priority to state that resources are available for training/PD. Overcommitment likely due to responsibilities at home institution as well as changing responsibilities in XSEDE
    • Training often comes from somewhere other than XSEDE due to what is needed
  • Wiki/website down slightly, but general satisfaction is high (around 4). Have been consistent about how we use the wiki. 
  • Included info in SP awareness microsurvey: some areas where we need more awareness at SPs of Use Case process. 
  • SP satisfaction microsurvey: once folks know about software they tend to be happier. 


  • No major changes. Scores are a little up & down, but nothing significant. 
  • Evaluation: will provide communication to be sure people know feedback is available
  • Decision making: Director will communicate about this process to L3s so they can share the process with their staff. 
  • Ability to make staffing decisions: Limitations due to distributed nature of org. Director will discuss this with L3s
  • XSEDE training resources: limited related training materials available through XSEDE for Ops staff
    • What training IS needed? Cloud-related training, security awareness. Interfacing with I2 for DTS is pretty specialized so this would come from home institution. 
    • Should XSEDE provide training for those types of things? Don't expect XSEDE to provide training on more specialized programs 
  • Overcommitment: Plan to discuss with L3s and ask them to over communication lines with their people. 
    • Reverse coding create issues? Lizanne: confident with the numbers. 
    • Need to get more data from L3s to better understand how people are really feeling. 


  • Results track XSEDE overall but slightly lower than XSEDE avgs. Note that RAS = n=10
  • Decision making: authority to make decisions regarding staffing
    • constraints around budget/staffing, limited ability to make changes
      • could be unrealistic expectations/desires vs. reality
      • can improve communication about what reality is and why
    • Need improved communication about how decisions are made within org & how KPIs are used
  • Support/belonging: Turn to local supervisor when I need help with XSEDE work
    • Challenges in relationship between XSEDE & local site. Belonging within XSEDE was rated higher
    • Have started annual contact by L2 with all local site supervisors. They at least know who Dave is and that he is concerned about this. 
    • Remind staff and supervisors that we can provide input to performance appraisals. 
  • Value/satisfaction: XSEDE to benefit career, balance between XSEDE/non-XSEDE, level of intellectual stimulation
    • Stronger ratings for value/satisfaction within RAS
    • Weaker ratings mostly for value/satisfaction across and beyond XSEDE
      • Association with XSEDE will benefit future career opps
      • XSEDE/non-XSEDE balance
  • How to foster interactions among staff from across L2s esp with non-mgmt staff (mostly L2/3s that interact across L2 areas)
  • How to increase visibility of XSEDE work at local sites?
  • How to enhance the perceived value of staff effort to broader XSEDE objectives?
  • How to increase engagement with more of XSEDE efforts? Non-L2 staff doesn't see this to the extent that L2s do.  




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