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Action Items:


Notes/ Discussion items:

Things are going well.

Not doing a good job addressing recommendations as a project. Need to get the backlog cleaned up ASAP.

SC went well. Booth was busy. Had many inquiries. 

PRACE/RIST/XSEDE meeting during SC: opportunity to collaborate to make requests of infrastructure providers for startup allocations. Experiment to see how it might work and how we can support researchers internationally. Need to be sensitive that researchers in US collaborate with researchers in other countries. Builds on our experience together in Intl HPC Summer School. 

  • Lizanne: are European Union privacy regulations impact this collaboration?
    • Alex coordinating with peers in PRACE & RIST. At minimum we'll provide links to XRAS submission. Alex is looking into whether there is anything beyond that that we need to worry about.
    • Should think about workarounds & educating partners about these. 
    • All orgs have privacy statements, but none were written in the context of what we're doing

Have had regular calls with Bob to touch base and make sure we're on the same page. Have had little to address with him so mostly have provided status updates. 

Still know nothing about what the follow-on might look like. Continue to press NSF to get something out. 




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