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Improvement items from XCI meeting

  1. training: ask staff to let XSEDE or local management know if they need any training
  2. staff evaluation: we only evaluate staff when requested by local management or we have performance outliers
  3. KPIs/metrics: how we did last year with our KPIs/metrics and what are we doing different next year

Highlight items for Quarterly Report:

  • Site visits and engagements: SIU Carbondale, CAU Spelman, Clarkson, UTSA
  • Outreach through 1-pager distributed at the NRP meeting in September
  • Toolkits: 
    • Team is working with OpenStack elements to produce an OpenStack implementation recipe.
    • Reproducible software container recipe in progress with tensorflow as an early target
  • SP Forum coordination - 1st discussions with Open Storage Network as L2 forum member, leading to discussion about the availability of registered XSEDE data sets
  • Campus fellow - working on a computational resource solution leveraging control of existing resources


  • Outreach
    • Social gathering at SC - Rich to put together a list of folks to reach out to
    • Scoping out meetings in the future?
    • PEARC 20 - paper topics (maybe new engagements, on-site workshops, work with Brown, Clarkson, others? GMU/CAU-Spelman in-person classes
      • Possibly change up the jetstream tutorial for next year
  • SP Forum
    • Victor will provide current metrics for quarter and Rich will update page to include them
    • OSN gets into forum at last possible moment in the quarter
    • New SP's on the way: Ookami, Bridges 2, Expanse, Delaware MRI system


  • Resa Reynolds
  • Rick McMullen
  • Steve Bird
  • Lucille Jarzynka
  • Victor Hazlewood
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