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 Ron P. will be XRAS admin for P/X/R 

Action Items:

Due Date

Complete XRAS Setup

Information required to complete XRAS instance setup

Ester Soriano - identify information that is needed from P/X/R.

John Towns / Ron Payne - collect and provide information to RAS team.

XRAS Dev Call with John

Call needed between John & RAS Development to discuss P/X/R allocations process using XRAS 
Talk to SPFJohn to review this topic during a SPF call.
List of concernsL2s/L3 send list of concerns to Ron who will comile a list of all concerns

L2s/L3s, Ron Payne


Notes/ Discussion items:

To discuss with PRACE/RIST:

  • Federated IDs across the three system sets
  • ECSS access to PRACE & RIST
  • Data tranfer
  • Login
  • interoperability issues

Initial allocations targeted for Feb. 2020. Call for startups in Oct. 2019


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