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  • Discuss distribution of Jim Marsteller's responsibilities 
  • Discuss Open Storage Network joining XSEDE
  • Closing open recommendations
  • Mgr operation

Discussion items

15 minDiscuss distribution of Jim Marsteller's responsibilitiesVictor/Alex
  • Jim’s last day on XSEDE was today but will answer direct questions from us. 
  • Victor met with Jim about his duties last Thursday.
  • Alex and Victor discussed Jim Marsteller’s duties and divided them up.  We addressed the XSEDE Trust Group call (Victor), the SysOps-Security call (Alex) and the Ops Security call (Alex).  
 10 min Discuss Open Storage Network joining XSEDEVictor/Tim
  •  Discussed the note Victor e-mailed Tim and Tabitha earlier today regarding OSN joining.
4 min

Closing open recommendations

  • Recommendations 66 and 67 are outstanding. 
  • Tim and Tabitha to look at 67 and address with a plan or task for next project year and get back with Victor on it. 
  • Recommendation 66 is something to work out with JP and XCI RACD group.
-Mgr coordinationNone

Action items