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  • PEARC19 Reflections
    • Tech program will include 4 pagers w/ posters next year, and special track for 1st-time authors
    • University of Maryland Eastern Shore has a room with "Supercomputer" on it and no Supercomputer!  Ring the Red Phone!
    • Gi Vania - Dallas
    • NJIT still building a faculty-led proposal for a system
    • Oregon State University - help w/ Cyberinfrastructure, have a distributed cluster management model - follow-up with a faculty member, more info.
    • Follow-up with Clark Atlanta Workshop folks
    • Follow-up with Rutgers, what's new with their network
  • Quarterly Reporting
    • Rick McMullen to get a view on how things get added up.
    • Metrics and KPI page is refreshed.
  • New Champions Fellow Mike Renfro, welcome!
  • Toolkit updates from a UAB person using XCBC
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