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PY11 - Status of Submissions 

Active Improvement Idea Submissions

IDIdea SubmissionPhaseStatusPCR


(Amendment Status)


Additional Support for Advanced Computing For Social Change4FUNDED


PY8-09ECSS Training4FUNDED

2022 International HPC Summer School (staff & participant support) 4FUNDED

Scientific/Publication Impact Metrics reports4FUNDED
NCSAGregor von Laszewski and Fugang Wang have produced Scientific Impact Metrics reports throughout the XSEDE project. Previously funding for this work came from other grant funds that are no longer available. The cost to have them continue producing the reports in PY11 and for the final report is $4K per report, with 5 will total reports be needed. 

ACCESS Transition Communication Campaign4FUNDED
NCSANon-FTE funds needed for transition communications campaign. 

XSEDE Lifetime Highlights  Book4FUNDED
NCSANon-FTE funds for producing a compilation book featuring XSEDE lifetime highlights. 

RAS Administrative web UI updates4FUNDED
NCAR, TACCAdministrative web UI for configuring email notifications sent by XACCT. The current notifications (such as "Your allocation is almost spent" or "Your allocation is about to expire.") have to be manually edited via cron jobs and DB changes. 

XRAS enhancements 4FUNDED
NCAR, NCSAEnhanced administrator-reviewer communications in XRAS. We would look at giving admins the ability to enter custom in-line instructions to reviewers within the XRAS, on a per opportunity and per request basis. E.g., "For this request, please pay particular attention to the substantial storage amounts being requested." or "Remember that Resource X is retiring so please suggest alternate resources for any proposals requesting that resource." This would keep more key information within XRAS, rather than in external email threads.

CVMFS share files and applications improvement4FUNDED
Chicago, NCSA, PSC, SDSCTo expand prioritized capabilities for CVMFS to make it easier to share files and applications across XSEDE resources

Increase analysis of tickets, and network data (grad student)4FUNDED
NICSAdd grad students to do some data analysis. Could produce a paper or 2. Like to have 1-2 target papers come out of this (PEARC22 or SC22). Eval team can provide user survey data as needed.

ECSS recipients to be self-sufficient4FUNDED
Indiana, SDSC, NCSA or ShodorActivities will focus on making the ECSS recipients self-sufficient in a post-XSEDE world. Special attention will be given to PIs who have received multiple years of ECSS and whose projects depend critically on ECSS. The consultants working with these PIs can request an additional 0.1 FTE of funding to help the PIs develop comprehensive exit plans that put them on the path to independence. Emphasis will be on knowledge transfer through the development of documentation and specialized training delivered to the PI’s team. Funds are also requested so that ECSS consultants and management can attend SGCI’s Jumpstart sustainability webinars and develop documents (exit plan gap analysis and exit plan template) that will help ECSS recipients manage the conclusion of ECSS. While the webinars are free, ECSS staff time is not.

Ramp-up assistance for RAS replacement for Stephen Deems4FUNDED
PSCStephen Deems is phasing out his XSEDE role. 25% of Deems for 3 months will be used to help the new person get up to speed more quickly. 

Move Shodor’s 2.1.1 underspend to 2.1.2 4FUNDED

Service provider checklist evaluations and documentation of on-boarding process in XCI 4FUNDED
NICSSP checklist evaluations and document the overall on-boarding process and itemize each of the interactions with groups in XSEDE to provide as documentation to ACCESS successors. Work to occur during spring/summer semesters.

Presentation and paper submission efforts in Ops4FUNDED
NICSTo be submitted to PEARC.

Web browser resource access for Open OnDemand pilot in XCI4FUNDED
NICSTo expand prioritized capabilities for XSEDE-wide Open OnDemand pilot to provide web browser resource access. 

Unify toolkit documentation in XCI4FUNDED
IndianaTo compile and unify toolkit documentation in order to provide suitable transition to ACCESS or community-based support.

Develop and maintain XOC & SysOps procedures in Ops 4FUNDED
NCSAIf there is intent to be handed off to ACCESS, could be valuable. If for internal purposes then not really useful. ACCESS can choose to use it or not.

Additional ROI work 4FUNDED
NCSAAdditional effort needed to complete ROI work at NCSA (Craig Stewart and Kristol Hancock) in PY11. Includes submission of final papers and accounts for IU to keep the $81K that was suppose to come back to NCSA upon Craig's retirement in order to allow for a contract with Intersect-360. This contract will allow the ROI team to survey Intersect-360 private sector clients / usual survey recipients about the value of HPC and cloud skills in terms of starting salaries. We feel this is very exciting work to do, perhaps the most dramatic change we can make in the information we collect for the ROI study in the last year of the project. We had interesting results in surveying what people in the community think last spring. This potential work with Intersect-360 would give us data on what the private sector is actually doing. And this work will be focused on exactly the sort of training that XSEDE has provided: training for people who are not CS majors.

XCRI site visits4FUNDED
Indiana/Georgia TechKey personnel moving from IU to GA Tech. Based on the time remaining on the XSEDE award and the staff available, this additional amount is to cover the staff member's increase in salary and the difference in F&A between XSEDE partners involved. Funds will come from Indiana WBS 2.3.3 unspent funds and applied to GA Tech WBS 2.3.3.

Participant support for Campus Champions to attend PEARC224FUNDED
Internet2Traditionally, XSEDE Campus Engagement has provided subsidies for registration to PEARC for Campus Champions. Covers $2k/champion for 150 champions

XSEDE2 No Cost Extension 4FUNDED
MultipleFunds for evaluation, reporting, and project closeout efforts.

PY10 - Status of Submissions 

Active Improvement Idea Submissions

IDIdea SubmissionPhaseStatusPCR


(Amendment Status)


XSEDE ROI extension

4FUNDED in PY11 ($235,000)

Indiana, NCSA

Multiple options allowing funding range of $163,400 - $235,000
PY10-02Longitudinal studies extension4FUNDED ($351,509)

Georgia Tech, Indiana

Request is to use GA Tech unspent funds to cover ~$330K.

PY9 - Status of Submissions 

Active Improvement Idea Submissions

IDIdea SubmissionPhaseStatusPCR


(Amendment Status)


Duo Licenses (PY9-10)

4FUNDED ($88,000) Complete

NICS - complete

Victor pursuing including an option to extend licenses up to 6 months (through Feb. 2022) at same rate (i.e. $22K).
PY9-02Integrate online textbook exercises with CCRS toolkit4FUNDED in PY11 ($100,000)
TACC, CornellSusan has been asked to provide a more detailed budget and answer some clarifying questions. To be discussed on 1/30 SMT call.
PY9-03Addition of COmanage to CILogon service.1



NCSAThe request for PIF funds to cover this cost has been WITHDRAWN because unspent funds from NCSA are being used for this purchase.
PY9-04XCI staffing increase1

Submitted ($313,684)


WITHDRAWNWITHDRAWN per email from Craig Stewart on 2/3/2020: We might come back later, but it does no one any good to have stale proposals cluttering up the system when there is no money for them, and when they will necessarily be out of date by the time money might be available.

PY8 - Status of Submissions 

Active Improvement Idea Submissions

IDIdea SubmissionPhaseStatusPCR


(Amendment Status)


ER Market Analysis  

4FUNDED ($10,000): Complete



NCSA - complete


Update Applications of Parallel Computing online course

4FUNDED ($56,625): Advanced to Phase 4 (Execute)



OSC - complete

 This course will be offered in spring 2019 (PY8) and spring 2020 (PY9).

ORCID Membership Fee

4FUNDED ($20,197): Complete



NCSA - completePY8: 4,120 + 2,414 (F&A) = 6,534

PY9: 4,244 + 2,486 (F&A) = 6,730
PY10: 4,371 + 2,562 (F&A) = 6,933

Total: $20,197

PY8-04ROI analysis of cyberinfrastructure systems4FUNDED ($704,004): Advanced to Phase 4 (Execute) PCRPROJ-81Indiana - complete

This is a 2.5-year request, with funds for PY8-PY10 approved.

PY8: $130,803

PY9: $293,228

PY10: $279,973

PY8-05OpenStack Toolkit4FUNDED in PY11 ($100,130)

PY8-06XCI-CRI Budget Adjustment1

Submitted ($35,694)



Multi-year: PY8=$35,694, PY9=$139,369, PY10=$142,156

WITHDRAWN per email from Craig Stewart on 2/3/2020: We might come back later, but it does no one any good to have stale proposals cluttering up the system when there is no money for them, and when they will necessarily be out of date by the time money might be available.

PY8-072019 International HPC Summer SchoolN/A

FUNDED ($108,830) Complete

PCR Approved



NCSA - completePIF funds reallocated to cover 2019 IHPCSS expenses. Details in PCR.
PY8-08Longitudinal studies4FUNDED ($15,413) (Execute)PCRPROJ-100Georgia Tech - completeThis was approved by the leadership team at the March 2019 quarterly meeting. PCR submitted 1/31/2020.
PY8-09ECSS staff training4FUNDED in PY11 ($128,970)
PY8-10Password security for XSEDE users1In Review ($23,790 with overhead)




Equity & Belonging4FUNDED ($90,000 spread across PY8, PY9, PY10 at $30K per year) (Execute)PCRPROJ-72SURA - complete

Funds to support Linda Akli's work for equity and inclusion across the XSEDE project.

This was approved by the leadership team at the March 2019 Quarterly Staff meeting outside of the normal PIF process.

* Status of all XSEDE sub-award amendments can be found on the Business Operations wiki page.

PY7 - Status of Submissions

Please send any XSEDE PIF Process questions or comments to or by contacting Ron Payne.

Getting Started

  1. Review the XSEDE Goals and remember that alignment to these goals is an important consideration given to all improvement idea submissions.
  2. Collect your thoughts on something that you believe would improve the XSEDE project and is aligned to the XSEDE Goals.
  3. Contact any L2 Director and ask them to review your improvement idea.  The L2 Director that reviews your improvement idea and provides feedback, will be referred to as your "L2 Sponsor".  L2 Directors have been asked to be responsive to review requests from staff members that wish to submit an improvement idea.  They have also been asked to coach submitters on producing well written idea submissions. 
  4. After receiving approval from your L2 Sponsor, submit your Improvement Idea via the online PIF Submission form.  Note: L2 Sponsor approval is required for an improvement idea submission to be considered by the SMT. 
  5. Your Improvement Idea Submission will be reviewed and added to the queue for the next Project Review Board (PRB) session.  You will receive a submission confirmation email when the idea submission has been added to the PRB queue.  In addition, the "Status of Submissions" section, above, will be updated to reflect the current status of the idea submission.  Note: If you do not receive a response, from the Program Office, within a week, please contact Ron Payne

Questions & Answers about the XSEDE PIF

What is the XSEDE PIF?

The XSEDE PIF is an extension of the XSEDE PY7 - PY9 annual planning and budget review process to strategically invest ~2% of the annual budget ($465K) towards short-term project improvements, specific to the XSEDE project.


How does the process work? / How are the funds allocated?

A lightweight Phase-Gate process, below, is used to facilitate the review and prioritization of proposed project improvements, by the XSEDE Senior Management Team (SMT).


How are proposed project improvements prioritized & approved?

During an XSEDE quarterly meeting, each voting member of the SMT individually rates each proposed project improvement against a fixed assessment criteria set. The ratings are compiled and the results are discussed during a Project Review Board (PRB) session.  The final prioritization is set by the collective SMT.  The SMT vote on each proposed project improvement, in priority order.

The assessment criteria are pending SMT approval but include stakeholder impact and alignment with XSEDE strategic goals.

When are the funds allocated?

 PIF allocations occur during a primary and two secondary points in the annual project year, see image below.  The primary period occurs during the March Quarterly meeting, concurrent with the review of the project plan for the upcoming project year.  At this time, the majority, if not all, allocations are determined for the upcoming project year.  At the conclusion of the primary allocation period, any remaining funds are allocated during one of the two secondary periods.  The secondary allocation periods occur during the June and September quarterly meetings.

What about PY6 & PY10?

For PY6, a reduced allocation of $100K has been allocated to the effort of redesigning the XSEDE website.  This allocation was discussed and approved by the SMT.  The website redesign effort is underway.

As PY10 is the final year of the XSEDE 2 NSF award, there is little benefit in allocating funds towards improvements that be realized with less than 12 months remaining on the NSF award. 

Who is on the Project Review Board (PRB) and what are their roles and responsibilities?

The PRB is comprised of 16 members: Senior Management Team (SMT) voting members (10), and Advisory members (6)

SMT voting members

      • XSEDE PIs 
      • L2 Directors
      • XD Service Providers Forum Chairperson
      • User Advisory Committee Chairperson


      • Review Gate deliverables and provide assessment and/or comments prior to PRB sessions.

      • For each Gate deliverable, participate in the PRB discussion & reach consensus on the gate in question is passed or blocked.

Advisory members (non-voting members of PRB)

      • Strategic Planning & Evaluation (SP&E) team representatives 
      • Project Management and Reporting (PM&R) team representative 


      • Review Gate deliverable submission for completeness and appropriate level of detail.
      • Provide advisory input on the Gate deliverables, during the PRB session, for consideration by the Deciding Members.

Who can submit an improvement idea for PRB consideration?

Any XSEDE Staff member can submit an improvement idea, after reviewing the idea details with any L2 Director.  The reviewing L2 Director then becomes the "L2 Sponsor" for the improvement idea submission. 

Please send any XSEDE PIF Process questions or comments to or by contacting Ron Payne.

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