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What Does XSEDE Do?

By now you have probably learned the mission and vision of XSEDE. It might be helpful to provide some details about what XSEDE does and does not do. The following video should help explain what XSEDE does.  

Funding for XSEDE comes from the US government and, as a result, from taxpayers. For the most part, results of research performed on XSEDE systems are public.

What Does XSEDE Not Do?

A considerable amount of high-performance computing is conducted outside of the XSEDE partnership. Programs that perform research into nuclear simulations, for example, are conducted by the US Department of Energy in a highly-secure classified environment that is not public. 


When you have time, please respond to the New Staff Guide Feedback Survey so your views as an XSEDE staff member can be included in this guide to make it the best it can be.

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